Porter Junction and Rileys railhouse

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Re: Porter Junction and Rileys railhouse

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i happen to live in chesterton (been here just over a year) the porter police and chesterton police are all really easy going as are most of the people that live here my roommate and i tend to rail fan around jackson bvld since you have access to the NS, AMTRAK, CSX, and the CSX porter branch baring track issues we catch on average for all the lines 10 to 15 trains in a 2-4 hour span mostly NS stacks and manifests parking can be done on wood st just off of jackson the NICTD line about 3 miles north has the daily passenger trains as well as some freight action that run from michigan city yard to the west including UP powered coal trains the timing of the freight traffic is sporatic but i tend to see some at dune park station in the morning around 10am as the other have said stayoff the tracks and you should be fine you get on the tracks and you are gonna have a bad day if you know what i mean have fun and if you get hungry drive on down to the culvers on indiana 49 near the toll road odds are i will be the one cookin your food :D

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Re: Porter Junction and Rileys railhouse

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Here is a Playlist I made on YouTube from my Chesterton IN trip. It also includes some older footage from 2014
https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=P ... qZLgYmoW5I

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