Muncie 4-15-09

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Muncie 4-15-09

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Having been shut up in the cave for several days because of the lousy weather I decided even through it was cloudy I would treat myself to some time track side. I went to Muncie Indiana. The CSX Indianapolis Line remains very slow while the NS New Castle District is Hit & Miss. I was there three and a half hours and saw nine trains with only one being a Local. I have heard the CSX newer ES44AC’s (700-900) are showing up now and then but I failed to see any.
(No photos, I cannot post on this board) :(

List Muncie 4-15-09----
NS w/b 196 9172-9409 10:35 AM (general frt.)
CSX e/b 108 648-486 10:47 (Intermodal mail)
NS e/b 50A 8905-2589-2546 11 AM (load grain)
NS e/b 177 9576-9095 11:15 (general frt.)
NS w/b 51Z 9068-9516-8958 11:40 (empty hoppers)
CSX e/b Q348/15 5217-5347-5471 Noon (general frt.)
CSX w/b Q359 4556-9022 1:15 PM (general frt.)
NS w/b L68 7073 2 PM (local going to Bluffton)
NS e/b 28N 9278-9621 2:10 PM (empty Auto Racks)

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Re: Muncie 4-15-09

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The Indy line is a late night/early morning railroad. Only the Q108, Q348, and Q358 may showup in the mornings east bound. Q358 *should* be through there by 0700 most mornings. Q359 and Q349 would be your only WB trains during the day. Q132 may run during the day, depending on when the UP gets it to Salem.

Other than that, Q263, Q310, Q311, Q364, Q377, Q111, Q131, Q218, Q219 are all night time trains.

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