Deshler/ Fostoria

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Deshler/ Fostoria

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Considering the current climate of everything I need to get out and about. I’m interested in dropping by either of these towns but how is the rail traffic? Has it slowed, increased or stayed the same?? Just want to know before I I head down from Detroit. Thanks

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Re: Deshler/ Fostoria

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Everything has slowed down a bit, but it's beginning to rebound. You're not going to get skunked at either location, but there could be some serious lulls in the action from time to time.

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Re: Deshler/ Fostoria

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Try to avoid showing up on a morning that there is a derailment 10 miles up the line:

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Re: Deshler/ Fostoria

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Currently rail gang is working west of Deshler causing a bottleneck. Should be finished soon with in the next week.

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Re: Deshler/ Fostoria

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I met a group of railfans from Cleveland in Fostoria this past Saturday, traffic is way down, between both groups we were present from 8am-9:30pm, in 13.5 hours we logged 31 trains, so figure maybe 55-60 trains day now, down from 100+ a few years ago.

Deshler is also way down, I've done 3 different 12 hour train counts on the Virtual Railfan cam live there, and gotten 18, 19, 18 trains in those 12 hour counts, so roughly only 35-40 trains a day.

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Re: Deshler/ Fostoria

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Deshler has been touching 50 occasionally the past couple weeks. It's not consistent though.

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Re: Deshler/ Fostoria

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I was at Fostoria yesterday from 3:00 pm - 9:00 pm. There 13 movements by the Iron Triangle rail fan park by 11 unique trains in the 6 hours I was there.

Anecdotally some other folks who had gotten there earlier said it was busier before we arrived.
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