Places with nighttime lighting in the greater Toledo area

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Places with nighttime lighting in the greater Toledo area

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I'm planning a nighttime railfanning trip to Ohio next week. I enjoy Swanton, and Waterloo, IN has been good as well. Are there any other alternatives to the already mentioned spots? NS Chicago Line preferred.

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Re: Places with nighttime lighting in the greater Toledo are

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Based on trips over the last couple of years, Swanton is probably the best.

I haven't been to Waterloo with my new camera, so can't compare.

Wauseon has bright streetlights, but the crossing flasher gantry casts big shadows on the trains.

The parking lot at the mall by US23 might work depending on how much light you need.

Westwood ave was good until they closed the crossing and fenced everthing off.

The crew change spot at the Amtrak station has good lighting, but no access without tresspassing.
You can do ok telephoto shots from the public platforms.

There used to be some light at the east end of the Maumee River bridge, but I haven't been there for a few years as they had the road bridge torn out. That may be done by now?

One of the crossings in Milbury was ok, but not great. I haven't been farther East than that.

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