trains along the CSX toledo branch

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Re: trains along the CSX toledo branch

Unread postby Toppysager » Sat Oct 28, 2017 2:00 pm

cbehr91 wrote:636 and 637 were running via the Scottslawn and Toledo Branch because they worked Kenton. They are now back to running via the C&O.

Yeah they worked Pottersburg as well with Q256/257 traffic when those trains were merged back I'm July/August. Both Q636/Q637 ran for a short time after that, but yeah, they are now back on the C&O
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Re: trains along the CSX toledo branch

Unread postby Tsidephotos476 » Wed Feb 14, 2018 10:49 pm

I go to BG, here is the updated train list and Approximate arrival times.
Q131: 1 am - 3 am normally. "Never caught yet"

Q132-1/Q132-2: This is always random. Could show up at midnight, seen it at 10 am, seen it at 5pm, seen it at 8pm. They are both all the way from Salem IL, so there always is a hint of randomness to it. "Intermodals"

Q257: This is your best bet at catching. Normally arrives from 11-2. Though I've seen recent trends of him coming earlier somedays and him getting delayed. As the latest I've caught him was around 8pm. Though expect 11-2. "Auto train"

H719/H919: This is essentially the same train. It appears that H719 just takes on a new designation if it has to work late into the night. Used to show up mid morning, afternoon. With the days passing on, it seems he leaves later and later though.

That's it as of now I believe. There used to be manifests until they were rerouted last summer. If you are REALLY lucky, you might get a X257 as in recent times, there's been one. Maybe a rerouted manifest if you are EXTREMELY lucky. In other words, my Instagram is overflowing stupid CSX autotrains.
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Re: trains along the CSX toledo branch

Unread postby DT&I » Wed Feb 14, 2018 10:56 pm

H919 is the H719 recrewed.
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