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Re: PRR Carrothers Secondary

Unread postby ohiopower » Wed Apr 17, 2019 10:29 am

The 1918 Ohio rail map should answer some of these questions. PRR lines are red in color on this map. The Toledo breakout shows considerable detail. Overall this is a great resource when you find an abandoned line around the state.
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Re: PRR Carrothers Secondary

Unread postby jimnorthwood » Wed Apr 17, 2019 12:54 pm

"As I understand it the PRR would of had to of crossed the Maumee River at some point. I believe the tracks ran parallel to the river on its East side before crossing over somewhere near downtown, but does anyone have a specific location for the former bridge? If so, does anyone have a date? 1970s has been vaguely referenced as the demise of PRR/PC operations in that area in other forums, so I was wondering if anyone had any precise dates.

Additionally, historic timetables have the AA crossing the 'PRR' at Manhatten Jct. Would the PRR have used its own trackage here or executed trackage rights on another railroad? I understand there used to be PRR signals in Toledo, and I assume this is where."

The PRR's swing bridge crossed the Maumee River on an angle and just downstream from the location of the Toledo Sports Arena (oh yeah, that's gone now too). Think not far from the current location of the National Museum of the Great Lakes. Conrail didn't need two bridges across the Maumee, and due to the angle at which the bridge crossed the river the Coast Guard wasn't fond of it, either. I don't know exactly what year the bridge was removed but I believe it was in the early 1980's. On the east side of the river the last customer was the Toledo Edison Acme Power Plant, which had its own electric locomotives (with extension cords) for shuffling coal cars around on the premises. Acme closed in the early 1990's and the tracks came up a few years later.

PRR used trackage rights on the AA from near Riverside Park (north side of the river) to Alexis, and then over C&O to Carleton, where the PRR line branched off to Detroit. PRR controlled the AA for many years, which accounts for the signals.
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Re: PRR Carrothers Secondary

Unread postby Standard Railfan » Wed Apr 17, 2019 9:20 pm

Manhattan Jct. was the point where the PRR Detroit line joined the AA on the north side of Toledo. The PRR left the AA at Alexis moving onto the Pere Marquette. When the PRR negotiated the rights on the AA PRR agreed to double track that segment.

You can find Manhattan Boulevard at the right edge of the map linked here
Look at the middle of the right edge where the words Point Place appear in parenthesis.

The PRR bridge is the second bridge from the right on the above map. The bridge runs nearly North and South and appears between the words Maumee and River.
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