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Unread postby heypal6878 » Thu Oct 04, 2018 8:55 am

Glad to see you joined. The new CCET railroad has rebanded the name to Cincinnati Eastern Railroad in the last two months. They now have a few new investors and are getting an upgrade in two different engines that have been sent to Cincinnati.

After NS left the rail they ran most of the rail business away not servicing a few accounts. When the CCET took over they picked up a few accounts out east but most of there business in tanker storage. They then applied for more rail line and now are out about 68 miles from Clare. After that point the rails are in pretty bad shape not sure if they can even be repaired from washouts. There is some video footage on you tube on the Peavine.

The rail is active on Monday, Tuesday Wednesdays and Thursday and every now and then maybe a Friday.
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Re: NS Peavine talk

Unread postby Geno » Fri Oct 05, 2018 10:52 am

Thanks for the info, I greatly appreciate it. I have heard the switch and some rail have been removed at Vera. Sad news, I really dig that big old bridge over the Scioto. I hate it'll never see a train roll over it again. It would make a great focal point for a trail if that ever happens. I hadn't known there was so much talk about the Peavine until finding this site. I'm enjoying it so far. My Grandfather came from the Kentucky coal mines to Ohio to work for the former Pennsy that ran from Columbus to Union City. He didn't care much for it and went back to the mines.
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Re: NS Peavine talk

Unread postby northstar16 » Fri Oct 05, 2018 5:05 pm

As of about a month and a half ago the new CER has rebranded itself. New investors that have a vision and new staff. The new investors are working with the country to try to lure more business to use the rail. There is now an industrial park in Clermont County. On new company has committed there but not going to use rail. From what I understand their are some talks going on now as a larger company is looking at the property and they most likely will need rail transportation. The State also wants to find a suitable company to come in to one of the counties up there and that as well might drive rail traffic.

Currently the rail is mostly used for storage so we shall see. I understand the new investors are movers and shakers so it will be interesting. For someone to come in a buy out investors in the old CCET they must think they can make a go of it here.

I have followed the old NS Peavine most of my life. I remember as a kid the old Penn Railroad as it ran next to the tracks at Clare to Terrace Park Milford and beyond. Sometimes NS would have 15 trains go over the Little Miami at Clare per day long trains going east and west. The yard was very active.

Now they run up to 68 miles from Clare a far fetch from the 45 miles the CCET started from. So yes the rail has had more business since NS left. The question is will the storage business stay strong? Can the new investors get or bring more business to the line? Of late the rails are shinny on the west side but not so much going out east. The siding does have tankers on the tracks but not as many as say six months ago. Storage I was told is a money maker. If that slows the CER is in some trouble.

The I&O is strong in Cincinnati. The Norwood Yard is always full as they run at least 4 trains everyday north east. I remember when B&O ran the line it was really busy in the 60s and 70s. NS at Sharon Yard is busy all of the time and often I run up that way to watch trains.

I love the Peavine as it runs through many small towns yet many years ago most of these small towns had business that used rail. Today they are long gone dried up, moved out of just closed. So we will see what happens with the new Peavine
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