Moxie Corp Railway Codes

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Moxie Corp Railway Codes

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Moxie Corp Railway Train Codes

MOX-1 = Moxie Train (North Bound)
MOX-2 = Moxie Train (South Bound)
MOX-3 = Moxie Train (East Bound)
MOX-4 = Moxie Train (West Bound)

Letter Symbols

Y= Yard Job or Light Power Move
Q= Assigned Train
G= Grain Train
MOW= Maintenance Of Way Train
TA= Tank Train
RT= Rock Train
MLK= Milk Train (1950-1963)
TOFC= Trailer On Flat Car Train
COFC= Container On Flat Car Train
AUTO= Autorack Train
S= Special Train
OCS= Office Car Special
RAL= Rail Train
C= Coal Train
E= Empty Train

Number Series

001= Northern New England Area (Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Northern Parts of Massachusetts)
010= Southern New England Area (Connecticut, Rhode Island, Southern Parts of Massachusetts (even Cape Cod)
100= New York Area (Once NY and Canada (Canada- 1950-1963))
100-0= Helper Service (Any Area)

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