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Moxie Corp Railway

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Moxie Corp Railway (Reporting Marks MOXX) was established on May 21, 1950, and served in the states of Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hamshire, Vermont, Maine, and New York. At one point, the railroad served Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois (practically in Chicago), and the Montreal and Ontario parts of Canada. By 1964, The railroad was losing money, to compensate this, The railroad did two things: Give up the main lines in PA, NJ, MD, IN, OH, and Canada Lines, for IL the only line today is the mainline to Chicago but most of the state's branch line or other lines are gone. The line to Chicago is rarely used on the Moxie Corp but still in use to this day. Other railroads did form the Moxie Corp (But I have lost the family tree and it would take a long time to explain but ill tell you some of the railroads I remember. Apologies) The New England Rail Corporation (Reporting Marks NER) was partnered with the fading out Vermont Central Railroad (Reporting Marks VCRR). The railroad went bankrupt in 1987 but eventually merged with the Moxie Corp Railway. But before the VCRR was bankrupted, The NER went out of the partnership in June of 1986. Soon after, The NER became a subsidiary of the Moxie Corp. Another Railroad was the Lawrence and Ontario railroad (Reporting Marks L&O) This regional railroad was based in New York, Massachusetts, and other New England states (see Lawrence & Ontario Railroad for more info) Today, this railroad is owned by the Ticonderoga Railroad (Reporting Marks TICON) (later MOXX and WM&CC) By January 2, 1972, The railroad was in differed maintenance. This means little to no maintenance in the rails for the trains. However, at 8:23 PM EST, Moxie Corp Train MOX-3 a loaded Moxie Soda train (more on the train codes later) The train crashed into a West Moutain and Concord Railroad Train Q-232 (Reporting Marks WM&CC - This railroad is owned by my best friend Thomas Moore) Couple of Days later, the MOXX and the WM&CC Agreed to help each other and become best friends and work out problems on both railroads. After the Staggers act was implemented in the 1980s, all railroad was free to compete and the differed maintenance was finally gone. Today, The railroad is still in business and so is the WM&CC.

Railroad Roster:

RS-1: 6 locos #1-6
RS-2: 10 locos #7-16
RS-3: 5 locos #17-21
RS-11: 10 locos #22-31
MLW RS-18: 2 locos #32-33
RS-36: 27 locos #34-61
S-1: 3 locos #62-64
S-2: 9 locos #65-73
S-3: 2 locos #74-75
S-4: 10 locos: #76-86
SW-1: 77 locos #87-167
F7 (A-B-A) set- 1 set: #168, 169B, and 170
GP7: 66 locos #171-1131 (one unit painted for an anniversary pain scheme)
GP9: 66 locos #1132- 2102 (one renumbered 1776 and repainted as a bicentenial)
GP40: 43 locos #2103-2407
SD45: 12 locos #2408-2519
SD40-2: 21 locos #2520-2531
F40PH (Commuter service only: #2532-2542
RDC (1-3) 1 of each: # 2543, 2544, and 2545
SW1500: 6 locos: #2546-2551
SD7: 8 locos #2552-2559
SD9: 8 locos #2560-2568
U25B High Hood: 14 locos #2569-2583
U18B: 5 locos #2584-2588
CF-7: 4 locos #2589-2592
H16-44: 1 loco #2593
H24-66: 1 loco #2594
SD-40: 32 locos #2595-6017
U25B: 10 locos #6018-6027
BQ23-7: 2 locos #6028-6029
GE Dash 8-40BW: 36 locos #6030-6065
GE Dash 8-40CW (wide Cab): 34 locos #6066-6600
GE Dash 8-40CW (Standard Cab): 45 locos #6601-6646
MLW 4-6-4 Loco (special excerisions only): #1876 (the year moxie soda was created)

NOTE: Apologies if I do number series wrong, I'm terrible with number series.

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