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Wisconsin, Michigan & Northeastern Railroad

Posted: Tue Jul 25, 2017 1:13 pm
by Lafrey01
This is a class III railroad in Northeast Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. It has 2 Main Lines and a few branches.

Green Bay Line: Green Bay to Powers, interchanging with Wisconsin and Michigan and Lake Michigan and Western in Marinette and WIMI in Menominee.

Escanaba Line: Goodman to Escanaba, via Pembine interchange with ELS and interchange with UMN and ELS in Escanaba.

Rhinelander Branch: Bradley Junction to Rhinelander interchanging with CN at BJ. Abandoned tracks connect the Rhinelander and Escanaba Lines.

Kingsford Branch: Hermansville to Kingsford, interchanging with ELS

Niagara Branch: Seldom used, runs from Quinessec Junction to Niagara

Escanaba Branches: Switching Lines in Escanaba

Companies on these lines:


AkzoNobel (Howard)
Ameridrives Power Transmission (Howard)
Omnova Solutions (Howard)
Little Suamico Elevator (Little Suamico)
Quality Assembly and Logistics (Marinette)


Goodman Veneer & Lumber (Goodman)
Specialty Granules (Kremlin)
Lumber Transload (Hermansville)
Unknown Scrap Industry (Escanaba)
Unknown Logging Industry (Escanaba)
Escanaba Ore Terminal (Escanaba)
Grain Transloading (Escanaba)
Coal Terminal (Escanaba)
Niagara Logistics (Wells)
Unknown Liquid Transload (Gladstone)
Besse Forest Products Group (Gladstone)
Verso (Ensign)
Unknown Transload (Cooks)
U.P. Papers/Mantisque Paper, Inc (Mantisque)
Unknown Logging Transload (Gulliver)
Unknown Logging Facility (Gulliver)
Carmeuse Lime & Stone Interchange (CL&S Junction)
Logging Transload (Gould City)
Logging Transload (Regan Lake)
Logging Transload (Trout Lake)


Verso (Quinnesec)
Specialty Minerals (Quinnesec)
Gunville Warehouse (Quinnesec)


Niagara Worldwide (Niagara)
Niagara Development (Niagara)
J H Zawada Supply & Lumber Company (Niagara)


UMN interchange (Wells)
A&L Iron & Metal (Escanaba)
Former ELS Shops Car Storage (Escanaba)


Unknown Warehouse (Crescent)
Advanced Barrier Extrusions (Rhinelander)
Oldenburg Group, Inc (Rhinelander)
Lake States Yeast (Rhinelander)
Expera Specialty Solutions Rhinelander (Rhinelander)
Unknown Chemicals Company (Rhinelander)
Rhinelander Coal Loadout (Rhinelander)

WMNE is owned by Logan Rail, LLC and uses 20 GP40-2s 2 GP20s 7 SD45s 10 GP38-2s and 5 MP15s

Re: Wisconsin, Michigan & Northeastern Railroad

Posted: Tue Jul 25, 2017 8:10 pm
A fun read but probably a little optimistic with the number of customers :)