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Capitol Railways

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This is a holding company formed in 2015 to operate numerous railroads in and around US Capitols. It owns the following Subsidiaries:

Olympia & Belmore Railroad (From Genesee and Wyoming) [Runs from East Olympia to Belmore, WA and to the port of Olympia]
Salem Switching Company [Switching in Salem]
Sacramento Valley Railroad (From Patriot Rail)
South Sacramento Switching Company [Switching on south side of Sacramento]
Sacramento Southern Railroad (From California Rail Museum)
Sacramento Shortline Railroad [Sacramento to Nimbus, CA]
Phoenix Terminal Railroad [Switching in Phoenix, El Mirage to Zanjero Pass]
Santa Fe Southern (Out of Service)
Boise Valley Railroad (From Watco)
City of Boise Railroad
Bismark & Northwestern Railroad [Switching north of Mandan, ND]
Bismark Terminal Railroad [Switching in Bismark]
Helena & Southeastern Railroad [East Helena to Montana City]
Helena Switching Company [Switching in Helena]
Pierre Industrial Railroad [Switching in Pierre]
Lincoln & Northwestern Railroad [Switching at the Lincoln Airport]
Topeka Central Railroad [Switching at GE in Topeka]
Denver Rock Island Railroad
East Cheyenne Industrial Railroad [Switching in Cheyenne]
West Cheyenne Industrial Railroad [Switching in Cheyenne]
Oklahoma City Terminal Railroad [Switching in Oklahoma City, OKC to Midwest City, OKC to El Reno]
Austin Western Railroad (From Watco)
Baton Rouge Southern Railroad (From Watco)
Little Rock & Western Railroad (From Genesee and Wyoming)
Little Rock Port Authority
Jefferson Rail [Switching in Jefferson City]
Des Moines Northern Railroad [Switching on North side of Des Moines]
St Paul Southern Railroad (Switching near West St Paul]
St Paul Port Company [Switching in the St Paul area]
Madison Terminal Railway [Fitchburg to Cottage Grove through Madison]
Springfield Pacific Railroad [Switching in Springfield]
Nashville & Eastern Railroad
Nashville Western Railroad
Jackson & Eastern Railroad [Switching in Jackson]
Montgomery Terminal Railroad [Montgomery to Mt Meigs]
Atlanta Railway [Switching in Atlanta]
Columbus Central Railroad [Switching in Columbus]
Richmond Southern Railroad [Belwood to Hopewell]
Southern Railway of Columbia [Switching in Columbia]
Tallahassee and Chattahoochee Railroad [Tallahassee to Chattahoochee]
Albany Port Railroad (From Albany Port District)
Claremont Concord Railroad
Harrisburg and Western Railroad [Shiremanstown to Carlisle]
Augusta Northern Railroad [Waterville to Augusta]
Lansing Industrial Railroad [Switching in Lansing]
Twin Cities & Eastern Railroad [Switching in the Twin Cities, North Twin Cities to Owen, St Paul to La Crosse, La Crosse to La Crescent, La Crescent to St Paul, St Paul to Wyeville, Withrow to Dresser, East Winona to Merillan, branch from junction to Oakpark Heights, Eau Claire to Norma]
Salt Lake City Southern Railroad (From Utah Railway)
Montpelier and Barre Railroad [Montpelier to Barre]

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