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My Current US fictional shortlines

Unread postPosted: Thu Jun 01, 2017 11:55 pm
by Lafrey01
This is a list of my US Shortlines

Madison and Western (MADW)
Madison Terminal (MDSN)
Madison and Northern (MANR)
Portage Industrial (PIND)
Lake Columbia Terminal (LCT)
Twin Cities Eastern (TCE)
Augusta Southeastern (AGSE)
La Crosse Terminal Transfer (LXTT)
Menominee Junction (MNMJ)
Necedah Junction (NJRR)
Camp Douglas and Wyeville (CDWV)
Fort McCoy Railroad (FMCX)
Sparta Rail (SPTX)
Baraboo Industrial Switch (BOOX)
South Central Wisconsin (SCWI)
Jefferson Junction (JJRR)
Clinton Junction (CJRR)
Beloit Terminal (BLT)
Janesville Terminal (JVT)
Janesville Western (JVWR)
Janesville, Beloit and Southern (JVBS)
South Beloit Terminal (SBLT)
Rockford Industrial (RFI)
Rockford Southern (RFSO)
Davis Junction (DJRR)
Interstate 43 (IFTR)
Chicago Northern (CHIN)
Milwaukee Area Terminal (MWAT)
Cambria Industrial (CAMI)
Sheboygan Terminal (SHEB)
Lake Michigan and Western (LMW)
Superior Area Terminal (SPAT)
Rapids Area Terminal (RATR)
Mazomanie Traction (MZMT)
Mazomanie, Sauk City and Northern (MSCN)
Spring Green and Eastern (SPGE)
Boscobel Central (BSCX)
Muscoda Grain Terminal (MGTX)
Prairie Terminal (PDCT)
Wisconsin, Michigan and Northeastern (WMNE)
Wisconsin and Eastern (WERR)
Fond Du Lac Northern (FDLN)
Green Bay Northern (GBN)
Green Bay Shore Line (GBSL)
Appleton Central Business Lines (ACBL)
Kaukauna Terminal (KAUK)
Menasha and Neenah (MANE)
Marrinette and Menominee (MTMN)
Bayside Terminal (BSD)
Oak Creek Power Company (OCPX)
Milton Eastern (MILE)
Waukesha Industrial (WAUX)
Milton Junction (MLTJ)
Middleton Junction (MJRR)
Lake Windsor Railcar (LWRX)
Logan Railcar (LOGX)
Helena and Southeastern (HSE)
Iowa Central (ICRR)
Iowa Falls Terminal (IFT)
Rosemont Terminal (RSND)
Minneapolis East Terminal (METR)
Little House & Prairie Line (LHPL)
Winona Short Line (WNSL)
Taylor Northern (TAYN)
Oklahoma Southwestern (OKSW)
Midwest Railroad (MWRR)
Eagle Grove and Eastern (EGE)
Hancock Railway (HANK)
Creston and Northern (CRN)
Atlantic Northern (ATN)
Red Oak Northern (RDON)
Red Oak Southern (RDOS)
Council Bluffs Northeastern (CBNE)
Rockwell Northern (RWLN)
Iowa Northeastern (IANE)
Sioux City Southern (SXCS)
Wausau Western (WAUW)
Oskaloosa Terminal (OKLT)
Wausau Eastern (WAUE)
Duluth Connecting (DLCN)
Howard Connecting (HCON)
Butler Connecting (BCON)
Amherst Junction (AMHJ)
Park Falls (PARK)
Mosinee (MOSN)
New Lisbon Junction (NLJR)
Janesville Northern Railroad (JNOR)
Oshkosh Connecting Railroad (OSKC)
Zenda Railway (ZEND)
Capitol Railways (CAPT)*
Downtown Rochester Railroad (DTRC)
Hastings Industrial Railroad (HIR)
Medford Northern Railroad (MFDN)
Lansing Industrial Railroad (LANS)
Columbus Central Railroad (COCN)
Springfield Pacific Railroad (SPPR)
Des Moines Northern Railroad (DMNR)
Topeka Central Railroad (TPKC)
Wisconsin Terminal Association (WITA)
Lincoln Northwestern Railroad (LINW)
Montgomery Terminal Railroad (MGTR)
Indiana Western Railroad (IWRR)
Sacramento Short Line Railroad (SACS)
Victorville, Bell Mountain and Northern Railroad (VBMN)
Washington United Terminal Railway (WUTR)
Phoenix Terminal Railway (PHXT)
East Cheyenne Industrial Railroad (ECHI)
West Cheyenne Industrial Railroad (WCHI)
Decatur Terminal Railroad (DCT)
Decatur Terminal Railway of Alabama (DCTA)
Mississippi River Railway (MISS)
Festus and Crystal City Railroad (FCCR)
Weirton and Northwestern Railroad (WNW)
Massillon and Canton Railroad (MACR)
Niagara Falls Terminal Railroad (NFT)
Woodland Terminal Railroad (WOOD)
Delaware Terminal Railroad (DELT)
Springfield Belt Railroad (SPBT)
Iowa Western Railroad (IOWA)
Peoria Junction Railroad (PJRR)
Greenville Terminal Railroad (GVTR)
St Mary's Railroad of Ohio (STMO)
Indiana and Decatur Railroad (IND)
Intermountain Rail (INTM)
Tampadel Industrial Railroad (TDIN)
Tampa Port Terminal Railroad (TAMP)
Miami Terminal Railroad (MIAT)
Central Florida Railroad (CFLD)

I also have a non operator called the Arkansas Valley Railroad which I have a logo for

If you want to hear about any of these railroads comment and I will add their desc in

More fictional railroads

Unread postPosted: Fri Jun 02, 2017 12:00 am
by Lafrey01
The following is a list of my Canadian Shortlines and chicago shortlines

I created a Holdings company called Chicago Area Rail Authority which would own the following

Bedford Park Switching Company (BPSC)
Cicero Southwestern Railroad (CISW)
Morris and Northeastern Railroad (MNE)
Chicago and Calumet Railroad (CHCM)
Chicago Shore Railroad (CSHR)
Bolingbrook Industrial Railroad (BBIR)
Romeoville Southern Railroad (RMVS)
Riverdale Terminal Railroad (RVDT)
Chicago Terminal Authority (CTMA)
Crest Hill and Romeoville Railroad (CHRV)

Then I created Canadia Rail, a holding company to operate in Canada

Nova Scotia Northern Railroad (NSN)
Halifax Terminal Railroad (HFXT)
New Brunswick and Northeastern (NBNE)
Saint John Terminal Railway (STJT)
Tracy River Railway (TRRW)
Roberval and Northeastern (RVNE)
Montreal Terminal Railway (MONT)
Bayside Terminal Railroad (BST)
Toronto, Havelock and Blue Mountain Railroad (THBM)
Oshawa Industrial Railroad (OSHI)
Winnipeg and Northern Railroad (WPN)
Manitoba Southwestern (MBSW)
Battleford Railway (BTFD)
Southeast Saskatchewan Railway (SESK)
Hatton Northern Railroad (HTNR)
Saskatchewan and Manitoba Railway (SKMB)
Moose Jaw and Northwestern Railway (MJNW)
Neudorf Railway (NDRF)
Saskatoon and Eastern Railroad (SKER)
Saskatchewan and Alberta Railroad (SKAB)
Yarbo Central Railroad (YCEN)
Vancouver Switching Company (VSCO)
British Columbia and Eastern (BCER)
BC&SE Railway (BCSE)
Edmonton Northern Railroad (EN)
Alberta Southern Railway (ABSO)
Grande Prairie Northern Railroad (GPN)
Canadian Foothills Railroad (CFHR)
Alberta Central Railroad (ACEN)
Shantz Railway (SHAN)
Ontario Southwestern Railway (ONSW)
Toronto Area Terminal Railroad (TATR)

Re: My Current US fictional shortlines

Unread postPosted: Fri Jun 02, 2017 5:20 am
That's an impressive list. I'll read anything you post.

Re: My Current US fictional shortlines

Unread postPosted: Sat Jun 03, 2017 10:14 pm
by Lafrey01
Came up with another railroad called the New Jersey Terminal Railroad as well as the New York and New Jersey Railroad (Different from NYNJ Rail).

Re: My Current US fictional shortlines

Unread postPosted: Sun Jun 04, 2017 4:07 am
Do you have more information other than the names?

Re: My Current US fictional shortlines

Unread postPosted: Sat Jul 22, 2017 5:26 pm
by Lafrey01
Yes I do, but it would take forever, is there one you want to know about?