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Mid Michigan Railroad

Posted: Mon Sep 26, 2016 9:34 am
by Saturnalia
It is 2016, and four years after the G&W takeover of the RailAmerica assets, corporate is looking to consolidate some railroads for ease and operations. G&W has opted to reorganize its properties in the State of Michigan, formerly the Michigan Shore (MS), Grand Rapids Eastern (GRE), Marquette Rail (MQT), Mid-Michigan (MMRR), and Huron & Eastern (HESR). Under the new plan, recently approved by the Surface Transportation Board, these five roads will consolidate to just two.

The HESR will absorb the original MMRR, adding the Paines to Alma line to the Huron and Eastern. Previously, this line was essentially operated as part of the HESR, so this arrangement is now formalized.

Meanwhile, the new MMRR will consist of the Michigan Shore, Grand Rapids Eastern and Marquette Rail properties.

The headquarters of the HESR will be in Saginaw, while the MMRR is taking up a new office in Grand Rapids. Most managerial matters will be handled for both roads by a single team in Grand Rapids.

This thread will focus on the Mid Michigan out of Grand Rapids.

Commencement of the new operational organization will occur on October 1st.