P&LE "what-ifs" discussion.

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P&LE "what-ifs" discussion.

Unread postby OSRR » Fri Aug 05, 2016 10:33 pm

As a way to keep myself busy I come up proto-lance railroads on paper. This time I'm working on my version of the P&LE as if it had went private (Think Guildford-ish) and the B&O had built a different route into Pittsburgh (never having trackage rights on the P&LE).

With Conrail giving up P&LE stock (rights?) in 1976 a privately held company (still working on a name) stepped forward and purchased the P&LE (again, think something similar to Guildford (Pan-Am). Despite the decline in the steel industry the new owners "shook the tree" so to speak. Creating a "lean and mean" railroad. The mid to late 80s saw minor expansion as Conrail and CSX shed lines deemed not profitable enough (for a class 1).

I'll just make a quote of additions or subtractions to my system.

PRR line from Warren to Ashtabula (When did this leave Conrail?)
* With this line Ashtabula Harbor was included (good deal for P&LE, stupid move on Conrails part) (Think BN leasing out what MRL operates)
EL line from Warren to Cleveland (I know traffic is light in reality but, hey.. this is proto-lance)
B&O line from Ellwood City to Petrolia (access to Chemical traffic)

Combine the current day Youngstown Belt Railroad into my system as well.

Connellsville to Mckees Port (that correct?) pulled and scrapped (No online industry, interchange moved to Pittsburgh)

Signal system deactivated and removed (I'm on the fence with this one as I don't know the economics of a signal system)
Trackage deemed excess pulled and scrapped (I'm going with the notion that the decline in industry goes along with this)

Ownership interests of the Monongahela Railway kept, giving access to coal traffic (among other sources)
* 1991 saw P&LE parent company purchase B&O's (CSX) share of the Monongahela.

Passenger service discontinued (what year sounds good for this, I don't know a lot about the passenger section of railroading)

I'm always thinking on this (these) subjects so things are bound to change. I haven't really looked into the motive power section of this yet (probably the other half of my favorite part to dabble in).

Would anyone happen to know what their roster looked like in 1976 and 1993?
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Re: P&LE "what-ifs" discussion.

Unread postby GreatLakesRailfan » Sat Aug 06, 2016 5:26 am

Isn't there a Paper Railroads/Fantasy Railroads area for these? IIRC, it's something you have to turn on access to in your user control panel, but I seem to recall there are several on this site who enjoy these discussions, the forum area for them just makes them easier to find?
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Re: P&LE "what-ifs" discussion.

Unread postby OSRR » Sat Aug 06, 2016 5:58 am

There is... guess a brain fart put it here. Someone move it for me?
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