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Ohio Southern Railroad (Shortline)

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Just as a note, I'm also working on a railroad by the same name that runs the old DT&I. As a regional.

Created in 1994 with the I&OE (I&O) wanting out of the operations. The Ohio Southern operates just over 77 miles of track in Ross, Vinton, and Jackson Ohio. The large majority of trackage is the former B&O Portsmouth Sub, with the remaining DT&I trackage that runs just outside of the city of Jackson.

(Black is OSRR)
Ohio Southern shortline.jpg

Current roster includes:
GP16 1600 Former IAIS 495 (Purchased in 2008, replaced 1750)
GP15 1500 Former UP 1543

GP9 1750 Retired - Parts Source

The Ohio Southern moves about 1700 car loads a year, commodities include, chemicals, flour, tomato paste, fertilizer, aggregate, seed, sand, scrap, and clay products.

Industry List includes:
Aluchem - Jackson, OH
Facility/Business - Alumina Products
Commodities - Inbound Bauxite (Covered Hoppers)

American Warehousing - Jackson, OH
Facility/Business - Warehouse
Commodities - Inbound Tomato Paste (Box Cars)

General Mills - Wellston, OH
Facility/Business - Food Production
Commodities - Inbound Tomato Paste (Box Cars)

Austin Powders - McArthur, OH
Facility/Business - Industrial Explosives
Commodities - Inbound Chemicals (Tank/Covered Hopper)

Ohio Basic Minerals - Jackson, OH
Facility/Business - Aggregate Pit
Commodities - Outbound Silica Sand/Gravel

Nock & Sons - Oak Hill, OH
Facility/Business - Refractory Products
Commodities - Inbound Casting Sand (Covered Hopper)

Melvin Stone - Oak Hill, OH
Facility/Business - Quarry
Commodities - Aggregate Products

Jackson Plastics - Jackson, OH
Facility/Business - Plastic Products
Commodities - Inbound Plastic Pellets

Midland Co-op - Jackson, OH
Facility/Business - Seed/Fertilizer Dealer
Commodities - Inbound Seed/Fertilizer

JVC Scrap Metals - Oak Hill, OH
Facility/Business - Scrap
Commodities - Outbound Scrap

Cedar Heights Clay - Oak Hill, OH
Facility/Business - Clay Products
Commodities - Outbound Clay (Box car/Covered Hopper)

Certain times of the year also brings addition business in the form of car storage.

Operations include a five day a week 8am job (LS1 (Local Switch 1). Extra's are occasionally called on weekends by customer request. Interchange is made with CSX by exercising trackage rights to Vauces (Just south of Chillicothe).

Despite the large loss of industry in the later part of the 20th century and a recent shutdown of an auto parts manufacture on the line (Meridian), the Ohio Southern maintains a decent traffic base.

The Ohio Southern remains a privately owned shortline, as such, a certain amount of pride is displayed. Crews are friendly and the two locomotives are always kept clean. Customer service is the number one priority and a good customer relationship is always maintained.
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