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NOTE (Important) - First of all, this has some grounding in prototypical practice. In 1986 FEC was running intermodal trains from Jacksonville to Macon on the ex GSF. Recently they have been looking to purchase 50% ownership from NS on the GSF from Macon to Jacksonville. I'm gonna run this paper rr in standard FEC practice.

Second, this is also what my model railroad is based off of, the same concept.

The roster is the same as FEC, so no updates to it are needed.

Train symbols -
(All NS symbols stay the same, FEC doesn't have complete ownership nor do their plans project that.)

Northbound -
FEC 252 - Unit Rock Train
Miami, FL to Macon, GA

FEC 254 - Mixed Freight
Jacksonville, FL to Macon, GA

FEC 256 - Intermodal
Miami, FL to Macon, GA (Sets off cars at Jacksonville and Valdosta)

FEC 412 - Grain Empties
St. Augustine, Fl to Macon, GA

Southbound -
FEC 151 - Unit Rock Train
Macon, GA to Miami, FL

FEC 153 - Mixed Freight
Macon, GA to Jacksonville, FL

FEC 155 - Intermodal
Macon, GA to Miami, FL (Sets off cars at Valdosta and Jacksonville)

FEC 311 - Grain Loads
Macon, GA to St. Augustine, FL

For reference to control points and signals, see the NS Georgia Division Timetable and look in the G&SF District section. No control points were changed when FEC bought 50%.
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