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The Southeast Corridor

Unread postby legostudios34 » Mon Feb 18, 2013 3:31 pm

The Southeast Corridor is a commuter line that runs between Pickens, South Carolina, and Christmas, Florida. There are 1,122 trains every day on the 15 track main line. All are passenger trains and they creep along at 9.7 miles an hour illegally on our FRA Excepted class track. It is all electric and all trains run off overhead wires

We have a fleet of 2,457 AEM7s, all bought brand new from EMD in 1989.

#1 Rule - NO RAILFANNING - We have armed guards every 100 feet along the railroad to keep you away.

(Disclaimer - This is not a real paper railroad, so do not let it affect anyones operations)
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