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NYCW Penn District

Unread postby DT&I » Sun Aug 28, 2011 12:40 pm

The Penn District runs from Stanley Yard(CSX/NYCW) to Oakway Yard in Columbus. On this north south main, many trains are autoracks from Detroit. It has all Pennsy signals and 9 passing sidings.

The trains that run on it are:
K280 - Fostoria Local
X001 - Detroit - Columbus Autorack
Q289 - Detroit - Columbus Manifest
K001 - Detroit - Charleston, WV Manifest
B409 - Detroit - Cincinnatti Manifest
Q203 - Detroit - New York Manifest
Q481 - Detroit - Chicago Manifest
Q194 - Detroit - Chicago Manifest
Q297 - Detroit - Chicago Manifest
103 - Detroit - Derringer Branch Empty Coal
490 - Detroit - New Orleans(CN) Manifest
S455 - Detroit - Cleveland Manifest
Q300 - Detroit - Cleveland Manifest
Q301 - Detroit - Cleveland Manifest
Q356 - Detroit - New York Manifest
Q977 - Detroit - New York Manifest
Q192 - Detroit - Trenton Manifest
I475 - Detroit - South Kearny Manifest
E492 - Columbus - Chicago Intermodal
E728 - Detroit - Chicago Intermodal
E445 - Toledo - Chicago Intermodal
E321 - Cincinnatti - Chicago Intermodal
Q393 - Chicago - Columbus Intermodal
Q090 - Chicago - Detroit Intermodal
Q222 - Chicago - Toledo Intermodal
Q453 - Chicago - Cincinnatti Intermodal
Run as the same train in both ways but can have different numbers at the end to identify which way theyre going(Intermodals have two different symbols):
I457-92 - Ends in even number so it is returning to its origin
I475-31 - Ends in odd number so it is going to South Kearney
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Re: NYCW Penn District

Unread postby DT&I » Sat Sep 10, 2011 8:22 pm

K280 had some unusual power today as NS 2501 took 20 hoppers to Fostoria and interchanged them with CSX and brought back 15 hoppers to Columbus.
X001-82 was lead by NYCW 9999 and had 67 empty autoracks going north to Detroit.
E321-93 was lead by CSX 9303, NYCW 7156, NYCW 4242 with 78 loaded well cars that took the southwest wye at Nixon, OH for its trip to Chicago, IL.
490-27 went to New Orleans with NYCW 490, BNSF 9224, CP 8032, and NS 9907.
Q977-00 went east with NYCW 8930 and NYCW 2910.
About 10 more trains went up and down the Penn District but I only saw 5 today. Tomorrow NYCW will be hosting the 9/11 memorial train that will start in Chicago and end up in New York. From the station(a beautifuly preserved PRR station) passengers will get on a bus and see the World Trade Center Memorial. NYCW 911 will take 9 coaches and 2 dining cars east at 7:00 AM.
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