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Unread postby Y@ » Tue Feb 23, 2010 6:21 pm

Thought I'd post some info on this road since they are partnered with the OBRR and also under the same family tree.

They began operations in 1979 running from Whitehall, NY to Nashua, NH. In 1994, they began operations over the newly acquired routes between Nashua and Troy, NY, the route from Hollows Falls Junction (west of Keene on the Nashua Line), to Ludlow, VT via Bellows Falls. In 1999, they began operations on the trackage from Bellows Falls to Lebanon, NH. In 2001, the line between Ludlow and Whitehall was severed, and in 2002 operations to Whitehall ceased completely.

Staple power for the first 20 years of existence were SD40-2's bought both new and used. Units 8660-8669 were bought new from EMD in 1979, while units 8430-8447 were bought from Union Pacific in 1980. The NER also acquired several secondhand GP30's, GP38's and GP40's from other roads over the years. In 2000, the new millennium brought change to the NER. Several SD60's were added to the roster after being acquired from the Union Pacific. They were eventually repainted and renumbered to the 8120-8138 slots. When traffic picked up in 2004, the NER leased many units from HLCX and GCFX, but slower times in 2008 sent many of those units back to their lessees. In 2009, the NER bought their first new units since 1979, when they took order of 12 GE ES40DC's. They were all on property by December, and have been numbered 7110-7121. All of them wear primer paint, as none have been painted into NER colors yet.

Here is a list of their traffic (excluding locals and extras).

180: Troy-Boston Intermodal. Runs Tuesday-Saturday.
183: Boston-Troy Intermodal. Runs Wednesday-Sunday.
400: Troy-Brattleboro Freight. Runs daily.
401: Brattleboro-Troy Freight. Runs daily.
408: Brattleboro-Lebanon Freight. Runs daily.
411: Lebanon-Brattleboro Freight. Runs daily.
422: Bellows Falls-Ludlow Freight. Runs Tuesday-Saturday.
428: Brattleboro-Nashua Freight. Runs Daily.
435: Nashua-Brattleboro Freight. Runs Daily.
616: Nashua-Boston Freight (via CSX rights). Runs Daily.
617: Boston-Nashua Freight (via CSX rights). Runs Daily.
634: Troy-Albany Freight (via CSX rights). Runs Monday/Wednesday/Friday.
637: Albany-Troy Freight (via CSX rights). Runs Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday.

The complete engine roster (excluding lease units for now):

NER GP30 4249
NER GP30 4250
NER GP30 4255 (On lease to the OBRR)
NER GP30 4258
NER GP30 4259 (On lease to the OBRR)
NER GP40 4626
NER GP40 4628
NER GP40 4632
NER GP40 4634
NER GP40 4635
NER GP40 4638
NER GP30 4991
NER GP30 4992
NER GP30 4993 (On lease to the OBRR)
NER GP30 4996
NER GP30 4999
NER GP38 5304
NER GP38 5310
NER GP38 5312
NER GP38 5313
NER GP38 5314
NER GP38 5316
NER GP38 5318
NER GP38 5319
NER GP38 5322
NER GP38 5323
NER GP38 5324
NER GP38 5325
NER GP38 5327
NER GP38 5329
NER ES40DC 7110
NER ES40DC 7111
NER ES40DC 7112
NER ES40DC 7113
NER ES40DC 7114 (On lease to the OBRR)
NER ES40DC 7115
NER ES40DC 7116
NER ES40DC 7117
NER ES40DC 7118
NER ES40DC 7119 (On lease to the OBRR)
NER ES40DC 7120
NER ES40DC 7121
NER SD60 8120
NER SD60 8121
NER SD60 8122
NER SD60 8123
NER SD60 8124
NER SD60 8125
NER SD60 8126
NER SD60 8127
NER SD60 8128
NER SD60 8129
NER SD60 8130
NER SD60 8131
NER SD60 8132
NER SD60 8133
NER SD60 8134
NER SD60 8135
NER SD60 8136
NER SD60 8137
NER SD60 8138
NER SD40-2 8430
NER SD40-2 8431
NER SD40-2 8432
NER SD40-2 8433
NER SD40-2 8434
NER SD40-2 8435
NER SD40-2 8436 (On lease to the OBRR)
NER SD40-2 8437
NER SD40-2 8438
NER SD40-2 8439
NER SD40-2 8440
NER SD40-2 8441 (On lease to the OBRR)
NER SD40-2 8442
NER SD40-2 8443
NER SD40-2 8444
NER SD40-2 8445
NER SD40-2 8446
NER SD40-2 8447
NER SD40-2 8660 (On lease to the OBRR)
NER SD40-2 8661
NER SD40-2 8662 (On lease to the OBRR)
NER SD40-2 8663
NER SD40-2 8664
NER SD40-2 8665
NER SD40-2 8666
NER SD40-2 8667 (On lease to the OBRR)
NER SD40-2 8668
NER SD40-2 8669 (On lease to the OBRR)
Bottom text.
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Re: New England Rail Corp (NER)

Unread postby AARR » Tue Feb 23, 2010 9:04 pm

Whoa...that's a hefty engine roster! :o
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