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Canadian Pacific Sleepy Eye Sub (Fictional)

Unread postby Y@ » Sun Sep 27, 2009 7:09 pm

After running out of ideas for "new" railroads, I decided to add onto an existing Class One. The fictional Sleepy Eye Sub runs from St. Paul, MN to Sioux Falls, SD. It is single track with passing sidings, operated with CTC by Canadian Pacific.

Here is a profile running west to east on the sub.

MP 238: Sioux Falls
MP 228: Brandon
MP 217: Garretson
MP 188: Edgerton
MP 176: Chandler
MP 163: Slayton
MP 108: Springfield
MP 101: Cobden
MP 94: Sleepy Eye
MP 80: New Ulm
MP 47: Le Sueur
MP 27: New Prague
MP 3: Lakeville
MP 0: Miller Tower

There are two major grades on the route. A 1.9 percent climb for westbounds between Chandler and Edgerton, and a 1.5 percent climb for eastbounds between Cobden and Sleepy Eye.

A normal day on the sub sees around 10-15 trains. Extra grain, coal, and ethanol trains run frequently. All traffic is either terminated, or handed off to the Central Prairie RR in Sioux Falls. A listing of trains follows. (Counterpart in parenthesis)

CP 273 (280): Chicago-Sioux Falls Intermodal
*CP 276 (279): Sioux Falls-Chicago Intermodal/Automotive/Manifest
*CP 279 (276): Chicago-Sioux Falls Intermodal/Automotive/Manifest
CP 280 (273): Sioux Falls-Chicago Intermodal
CP 295 (296): St. Paul-Sioux Falls Intermodal
CP 296 (295): Sioux Falls-St. Paul Intermodal
CP 387 (394): St. Paul-CNPR Intermodal/Manifest
CP 394 (387): CNPR-St. Paul Intermodal/Manifest
CP 561 (562): St. Paul-Sioux Falls Manifest
CP 562 (561): Sioux Falls-St. Paul Manifest
CP 577 (582): CNPR-St. Paul Manifest
CP 582 (577): St. Paul-CNPR Manifest
CP L81: Sioux Falls-Chandler Local
CP L93: Slayton-Sleepy Eye Local
CP L94: New Prague-New Ulm Local

*= Runs as needed.

Run-through power from NS is somewhat frequent on trains out of Chicago. Foreign power is fairly common on the sub as well. Usual CP power is newer GE's and some older EMD's. SOO power is fairly common as well.
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Re: Canadian Pacific Sleepy Eye Sub (Fictional)

Unread postby CERY » Thu Nov 19, 2009 1:06 am

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Re: Canadian Pacific Sleepy Eye Sub (Fictional)

Unread postby AARR » Thu Nov 19, 2009 9:08 am

A nice addition to your empire, Y@.
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