CMS Fanning Report: Blue Downs, WI. 3/6/09

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CMS Fanning Report: Blue Downs, WI. 3/6/09

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Blue Downs, Wisconsin hosts a small yard and a restored station, and is a well known hot-spot on the CMS. It is where the Milwaukee-Eau Claire line joins the Twin Cities Sub. The town hosts 50-60 CMS trains per day.

On a bright and sunny morning, a westbound empty coal train leaves the Lake Sub headed towards the Twin Cities.

7:34 a.m. WB 894
CMS SD60 8127, CMS SD60 8149. 100 cars.

A short time later, a grain train follows 894's path west.

7:55 a.m. WB 620X
CMS SD40-2 818, OHNR SD40-2 8404, CMS SD60 8100. 83 cars.

A hot eastbound trailer train sprints toward Chicago.

8:24 a.m. EB 193
CMS GP40-2 5833, CMS SD40-2 6609. 65 cars (long count).

A westbound pulls to a stop on track 3 at the station a block from the junction for a crew change. This is a regular occurence for many trains.

8:52 a.m. WB 450
CMS SD60M 8525, CEFX SD60 6008, CMS SD40-2 6619, CMS SD50 8552. 79 cars.

A loaded coal train heads toward Milwaukee with a trio of "Big-Reds" up front.

9:27 a.m. EB 887
CMS SD60 8190, CMS SD60 8178, CMS SD60 8191. 100 cars.

Our next train is one of a group dubbed as "hot-shots" by the railroad. They are made up of manifest frieght, auto parts, auto racks, and TOFC. They usually run as very long trains, with lots of power.

9:44 a.m. EB HS29
CMS SD60 8181, CMS SD40-2 6600, CMS SD40-2 810, CMS SD40-2 722, CMS SD60 8110, OHNR SD50 8616. 144 cars.

After moving a few miles east on the Lake Sub after hearing of the West Niles signals being down, we are now on top of the County Road 334 bridge overlooking the west end of the 2.5 mile Niles Siding. Westbound 498 is sitting while the crew waits for dispatch to instruct them further.

10:11 a.m. WB 498
OHNR SD70M 8701, CMS SD40-2 703, KCS SD40-2 667. 62 cars.

Turning to the west, we see an eastbound coming out of Blue Downs about 3 miles away. Moving at 25 mph because of the signal issues, they slowly pass us by and head into the siding to pass 498.

10:30 a.m. EB 383X
CMS SD40-2 6602, CP SD40-2 5866, CEFX SD60 6000, CMS GP40-2 5811. 68 cars.

We head back to the station after we learn the 498 is now outlawed and will have a 3 hour wait for a crew. This would be crucial to the Lake Sub as Niles is an important siding. Virtually all westbounds then became dogs on the line until 498 would be gone after we left around noon.

An eastbound UPS jets through town riding 30 miles of greens in front of it.

10:57 a.m. EB 101
CMS GP40-2 5806, CMS GP40-2 5824, CMS SD40-2 6610. 71 cars (long count).

Our final train is another eastbound freight working toward Chicago and eventually Indianapolis.

11:19 a.m. EB 467
CMS SD40-2 732, OHNR SD40-2 8434. 61 cars.

Not a bad morning to be out there. Stayed sunny the whole morning too, a plus for this time of year.
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