Amtrak Blue Water running 4 hours late

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Amtrak Blue Water running 4 hours late

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Running very late today--did not reach Haslett Rd (MP 229) until 11:11, and showed up with no trailing power.

Consist is #37 out front, then Superliners 35007, 34045, 34020.

Something funny was going on earlier, at Flint. As best I could make out, there was a radio call alerting a westbound train that Amtrak was ahead of him "backing into the depot" and that the conductor of the westbound might see Amtrak's headlight. I'm wondering if Blue Water left Port Huron with the usual two power units, but had to drop one of them, perhaps at Flint. It was well more than an hour from that call until the Blue Water showed up here.

Anyone have any further pieces to the puzzle?


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