CSX GRE MQT Train Location Update 3-6-08

Daily whereabouts of train locations along with sightings for heads ups to other railfans.

CSX GRE MQT Train Location Update 3-6-08

Unread postby Raildudes dad » Thu Mar 06, 2008 7:52 am

The 24 is out of the house this morning. NS picked up, no delivery, CSX dropped off a few? (couldn't tell what in the dark). No MQT this morning.
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Unread postby pudgy » Thu Mar 06, 2008 2:01 pm

MQT Departed Wyoming at 0455 with GMTX 2648 and GLLX 3002.
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Unread postby cnw8835 » Thu Mar 06, 2008 5:14 pm

D900 pulled into the yard about 15:40. Power to the scale track in the Mickey Mouse.
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Unread postby SD80MAC » Thu Mar 06, 2008 6:05 pm

36E pulling into Hugart at this time.
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CSX Plymouth today

Unread postby GP30M4216 » Thu Mar 06, 2008 6:18 pm

I met up with Mackinac Mac and J32885 down at Plymouth today for some mid day railfanning on the CSX. We were pleased to be met almost instantly by a slow moving southbound empty coal train on the Saginaw Sub, shortly before noon. Power was CW44AC #3 and ES44DC #5311. The cars were primarily DEEX types. I know these are Detroit Edison cars, so where would this train be coming from? Any idea what symbol this train was?

We drove around the yard and were happy to note plenty of items of interest. CSX B36-7 #5824 is still based at North Yard and would later in the day be working a southbound local. An ES44DC was also in the yard. ALSO of interest was GP40-2 #6930 mated with GP35 Road Slug #2301! I haven't seen a road slug combo in quite some time in Michigan. Too bad they didn't move at all through the afternoon. We also spied Chessie caboose #904121 and Conrail caboose #18136.

Back on the Saginaw Sub, we were surprised to find a fairly short northbound mixed freight entering North Yard. We headed north to Middle River to see if they would make it up that far, which they did after some time, but only as a light engine movement. I don't know which train this was (CSX C40-8 #7614 and CW44-9 #9009), but they did come up to Middle River to come off the passing track and back down the main southbound.

After photographing them here, we hurried into town and caught the end of a train which I guess would be Q216 (autoracks + mixed freight on the end), which we did not chase. After waiting a few minutes, we were surprised to find a southbound empty coke train rounding the Toledo Wye, with CSXT SD40-2 #8208 and an EMD SD40-2 leaser in the Electro-Motive scheme (K385?). We then noted that B36-7 #5824 was fired up and building a small train in the yard to go south, so we hurried to Lilley Road to photograph them there. Waiting at Lilley we found the 9009/7614 set tied onto a mixed freight, ready to go north.

5824 came south with a short train - a large TBOX boxcar and a smaller ABOX boxcar. The train was operating long hood forward, showing off it's increasingly rare rounded hammerhead hood. We chased the train south toward Wayne to catch them a few times below Lilley, and hope to catch a 17 minute late Amtrak 350 with Superliners. We didn't find the Amtrak, but we did run into northbound Q335 for Grand Rapids, and the chase was on to go back north! We saw the local with the B36-7 stop at Wayne.

We proceeded north to Beck Road just west of Plymouth to get photos of the train beginning its ascent up Salem Hill. In the meantime, we could see the Heater Job working the Ford Heater Plant east of Beck. Around 3:45PM, Q335-06 showed up with the following consist:

CSXT C40-8 7495
119 cars!

This was the last train of the day, but it was a great one to catch! Included were 19 shorty CSX and Chessie sand hoppers, Marquette boxcars, five flatcars of steel coils (including two GTW cars), and a wide assortment of other mixed freight.
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Unread postby Raildudes dad » Thu Mar 06, 2008 7:11 pm

NS scale car on the outbound NS track at the GRE tonight. BN hoppers on the outbound CSX.
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Unread postby sd70accsxt700 » Thu Mar 06, 2008 7:39 pm


DEEX is empty Belle River power plant, Pt. Huron.

There have been a couple of slug sets roaming around here lateley, cant rember the numbers, but one with a GP35 is at Rouge.

Coke should have been K388, odd that it had a CSX unit on it, makes me wonder if the other WLE unit craped out and is still at rougemere.

And the 5824 should have been on D716, mabey 738, but more than likeley 716

You would have seen me out there today, but I was bussy getting two teeth pulled, oh baby. Be back on the road tommrow.
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Unread postby GP30M4216 » Thu Mar 06, 2008 8:57 pm

Thanks Matt

I knew the coal couldn't be from Essexville, and since I think Marysville is closed, so Belle River was my next guess... just didn't know they got rail service!

Slugs are fine, I'd like a GP30 please :)

I didn't have a scanner so that's why I didn't know any symbols. K388 sounds right. I didn't see any WE reporting marks on that Electro-Motive unit but their may have been. I do know that CSXT 8208 was the leader though.

I'll compare some other photos I have of Plymouth locals and see if I can pick out which one the B36-7 was on.

Hope your teeth came out fine and you're doing well. Thanks again.
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