MQT CSX GRE NS 03/01/08

Daily whereabouts of train locations along with sightings for heads ups to other railfans.
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MQT CSX GRE NS 03/01/08

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P370-29, with AMTK 28 with 3 supers and #26 tied up at 2255
NS 37E with NS 3551, 3559 and 12 cars departed Hugart 0022
Z739-29 NS 3052, Light depart Plaster Creek 2315
Y321-29 with CSXT 2517 depart Plaster Creek 2330
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Z15129 Cleared YL at 0413, GLLX3001, GMTX 2676, GLLX3002 + 46 Cars
Q33401 left GR sans problems around 0415
X33401 is currently east of Seymour looking at "locomotive issues" - this is the same consist that bombed last night... sooo we'll see if CSX got their poop in a group or not.
Y32029 out to Fox and back by 0530

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Q32629 - GRAND RAPIDS MI CG 1 02-29-2008 19:20 (never left GR?)
Q32601 - HELPER MI CG 37 03-01-2008 09:29
Q32701 - set to leave Detroit at 2pm
Q33401 - SIBLEY ROAD MI CC 103 03-01-2008 09:26
X33401 - FOX STATION MI CH 142 03-01-2008 09:07
Q33501 - ERIE MI CCA125 03-01-2008 09:23
CP X50029 - hasn't left Chicago yet
N90328 - WELLS MI CG 42 03-01-2008 02:49
N90329 - 75TH STREET TCS IL DC 24 03-01-2008 05:58
E94928 - CHATHAM OS IL DC 015 03-01-2008 09:32
E94929, E95029, E94901 - at West Olive
D80329, D80101, D80201 - not moving yet
Amtrak P37101 - GREY MI CG 83 03-01-2008 09:32
There was an N90429 that reached KY from GR today....
Also an N91427 that went to KY on the 29th..also not heading back as they used to.... normally GR would be originating and terminal city, but now these last two have changed...
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Q326 in Holland 9:56 AM.

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Q335-01 is just coming up on the East end of Brighton at 11:50 AM, with CSX 9052 and one other unit (either an SD40-2 or SD50). The train is 6800' in length and has 444 axles, per the detector at MP 39.1.

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Q32701 cleared Plymouth diamond at 14:35. CSX 7718 & 8664, 28 cars.
X33401 cleared at 15:10. CSX 120 & 8134, CR 7326, 81 cars.
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N903 did a crew change at Gray (Riverside) with BNSF units 6236 & 5887 at 3pm.

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Q335 clear Plaster Creek at 4 p.m. with CSX C44-9W #9052 and SD40-2 #8051. 114 cars, including a bunch of CSX ex Sealand intermodal wells and a dozen or so CN family loaded coil cars.

Also 36E was north of Burton at 2:40 p.m. Had a C40-9W and either an SD70M-2 or a flared SD70M.
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Word from Chris K. is Amtrak 370 with push-pull and horizon cars. Looks like winters over :(
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