Amtrak elevation in California/Oregon

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Amtrak elevation in California/Oregon

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Had this question come in via email if anyone wants to try to answer this one:
Hi Zack,

I happened to find your email address on the website. I’m hoping you might be able to direct me to someone who can answer my question.

We live in Solana Beach near San Diego and our son and his family live in Portland, Oregon. We want to take the Coast Starlight to visit them for the holidays, but my wife, who has lung cancer, can’t be above 4000 feet for very long (that’s why we can’t fly). I know the route goes above 4000 feet around the California-Oregon border. I’m trying to find out how long the train is above 4000 feet.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Based on what I was just looking through, looks like the Amtrak trip would go above 4000' around Carrick CA and doesn't drop below 4000' until near Odell Lake in Oregon, which would be about 6am until 10:30am or so, so 4.5 hours if Amtrak doesn't get stuck? Sound about right? Most of the elevation above 4000' only gets to about 5100' feet above sea level at Williamette Pass I believe.
Maybe take train to Redding then rent a car the rest of the trip?
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