E&LS RR yard, Green Bay, WI

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E&LS RR yard, Green Bay, WI

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Does the E&LS RR have a train yard in Green Bay, WI? Its so, where is exactly located. If no E&LS RR tard in Green bay, located. Where a long train yarded in GB?

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Re: E&LS RR yard, Green Bay, WI

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AFAIK E&LS uses one of CN's Green Bay yards to exchange cars. They don't have a yard of their own that I'm aware of.
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Re: E&LS RR yard, Green Bay, WI

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Yes, ELS interchanges with CN in CN's Green Bay Yard, which is near the Howard/Green Bay border, or where I-41 and I-43 meet. There is a small industrial yard north of there in Howard, with a track over to the ELS line.

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Re: E&LS RR yard, Green Bay, WI

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The EL&S (nee-MILW) used to have the Oakland Ave yard, its north end is at 5th St and 11th Ave. It was abandoned in the late 90's, about the same time that WC absorbed the GBW, FVW, and that section of the UP (nee-CNW)

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