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Wind derails more than 100 railcars in Kansas

Posted: Fri Aug 23, 2019 7:00 pm
by Garry K
In a story from August 19, ... ins-derail says that more than 100 rail cars were derailed by high winds from a thunderstorm. Ninety cars were derailed from one train, and 50 cars were derailed from a second train. But who writes these stories? There is the line:
"The rail cars were all empty and many were double stacked,"
Couldn't they have re-written that to state that the cars were double-stacked with empty containers?

Then there is this:
Walton resident A.J. Dugan told KWCH he was surprised the storms were powerful enough to topple rail cars.
It's definitely the first time we've seen a train knocked over and seen this much destruction on spot,"
Evidently, he is not a foamer, else he would have previously seen pictures and video of high winds knocking over railcars!

Garry K