F-150 pulls a train

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F-150 pulls a train

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Not as crazy as you might think! Note the TTC Flexity streetcar visible in the yard in the final frame at the end. Also, I wonder if the placement of that TOUGH! autorack was intentional? :lol:

https://www.at.ford.com/en/homepage/new ... f1500.html

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Re: F-150 pulls a train

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Watched this on LinkedIn too 8)
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Re: F-150 pulls a train

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NICE PR stunt :-) . But not as hard as it looked. :-( . Cars are designed to roll. All you need is level ground. I would still like to see one. Worked in a railcar shop some years ago. Couple of spots in the shop, the tracks were (DNL). If you didn't block/chock/brake the cars they would take off when you leaned on em 8-).

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Re: F-150 pulls a train

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A couple years ago when I still played with trains, I watched the wind blow an empty centerbeam up the hill I was trying to roll it down past the switch. It was gusty but not straight line winds or anything. I ended up having to push the car by hand down the hill to overcome the wind. They definitely role easier than most people think. As long as the bearings are good and brakes aren't hanging up.

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Re: F-150 pulls a train

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Engineering Explained shows why it's easy to pull the rail cars as compared to pulling 1 million pounds of trucks on rubber tires: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Au3U72CX74I
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Re: F-150 pulls a train

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There's no school like old school. In the 1930's Timken equipped a 4-8-4 "Four Aces" will all roller bearings to demonstrate the low rolling resistance of roller bearings vs. plain bearings. Their PR events included brining staff from depot offices out to pull the locomotive with rope. The most famous is three secretary's pulling the Four Aces in Chicago.


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