Help save steam locomotive L&A 503

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Help save steam locomotive L&A 503

Unread postby NS3322 » Fri Feb 16, 2018 11:27 pm

From Rick Rowlands on
Jason Sobczynski and Nick Hovey are in Port Arthur, Texas right now trying to do what they can to save the L&A 503 from being scrapped. They are attempting to make an arrangement with the scrapper to purchase the locomotive and raise awareness down there for its survival. This is real grassroots preservation in action! I'm actually listening to them on a local Port Arthur radio talk show talk about the issue right now.

A gofundme has been started to help raise some of the money needed to purchase and move the locomotive. Over $600 has been raised in the last two hours.

This could be a great time for all of us to band together to pull off this 11th hour rescue!

GoFundMe page:

Profile of the engine:
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