NJT to begin a host of improvements on the Port Jervis Line

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NJT to begin a host of improvements on the Port Jervis Line

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Below was also announced earlier this year, per Wikipedia.
"83 million has been allocated in the 2015–2019 MTA Capital Program to keep the Port Jervis Branch in a State of Good Repair. This money will be allocated to repairing the Moodna and Woodbury Viaducts, station improvements, replacing or rehabilitating under-grade bridges, track improvements, and capacity improvements. The MTA's 20 Year Needs Report includes the installation of Positive Train Control, the continued rehabilitation and replacement of under-grade bridges and culverts, the replacement of the diesel fleet, and the replacement of the Woodbury and Moodna Viaducts.

In 2017, Metro-North started its West of Hudson Regional Transit Access Study to evaluate possible improvements in Port Jervis Line service. An open house presentation took place on February 15, 2017. $150 million in improvements will be made from 2017 to 2023. As part of the study, three possible sites for a midpoint yard were evaluated: Harriman, Salisbury–Mills, Campbell Hall. The Campbell Hall site was chosen as it has the least potential to block the line if a train breaks down, because of its lower cost, and because it advances an operating plan to have inner service on the line run from Middletown. In addition, three passing sidings would be added near the Tuxedo, Salisbury Mills and Middletown stations. The sidings and the yard would allow for increased service on the line, from the current 27 trains a day to as many as 44. Trains between Port Jervis and Middletown would be increased by one to 26; trains between Middletown and Campbell Hall would be increased from 27 to 37, and trains between Campbell Hall to Hoboken would be increased to 44. The midpoint yard and passing sidings would be open in 2023.

The passing sidings would all be at least two miles (3.2 km) long, bringing the line closer to the railroad's eventual goal of double-tracking all of it. While they can be built within the railroad's existing right-of-way, the midpoint yard—estimated to be 3,000 by 400 feet (910 by 120 m)—would require the purchase of additional land. When complete it could hold as many as nine additional trains."
(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Port_Jerv ... _expansion)

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