You cheap bastards..........

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You cheap bastards..........

Unread post by LakeATCS »

I keep watch on the FRA postings for stuff. But this one took me back.

It's literally a filing to remove two stops signs from a diamond.
The funny part is that in a filing a while back in 1999, the FRA let them remove an automatic interlocking. On the condition that they put up four stop signs. ... nal-system

So okay..... How much do two stop signs cost? vrs, How much did some lawyer get to file this, plus the FRA fees..
Then..... how much is it really worth to "bug" the FRA with this?

COME ON MAN, you cheap bastards!

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Re: You cheap bastards..........

Unread post by CSX_CO »

Stop signs not that much. Expense of starting and stopping every move through it would add up. Sounds like preponderance of traffic is on one route thru the diamond. Makes sense to keep the trains rolling.

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Re: You cheap bastards..........

Unread post by M.D.Bentley »

They own both routes. It's a cost issue. Stopping and starting trains cost money (wear and tear, fuel, etc). It will be interesting to see how they handle operations at that diamond. Expect some more changes there.

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Re: You cheap bastards..........

Unread post by JStryker722 »

Sounds like change in traffic has taken off their 2nd Subdivision and put it on their 4th Subdivision so they wanna keep traffic moving along on that line.
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Re: You cheap bastards..........

Unread post by justalurker66 »

They asked and received permission to remove the signs on the 2nd district. Per the FRA trains are still required to stop and receive dispatcher permission to go past the signs on the 4th district. So they ended up removing the signs on the route that had a decrease in traffic. There must be important trains or other unmentioned reasons why the lesser 2nd district traffic is getting the priority.

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