Piqua OH observation

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Piqua OH observation

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This morning, I was in Piqua, OH wrapping up the last night on my vacation. Now, last night, I'd noted a train headed south, and he applied the brakes as he crossed the overpass of US-36, but cleared said overpass. A few minutes later, an autorack train passed by slowly, then nothing else passed by until about 2300 or so. Those two passed by around 1900 or so, as I could make out the racks in what little daylight was left at the time.

This morning about 645, I watched a southbound general freight; he was headed past at a fairly decent clip. Then I heard a sort of pop, and then the emergency brakes apply; he came to a stop just like that! He was still parked there when I left for home two hours later.

As I made my way north on 75, I noted two others parked behind him --- an intermodal, followed by a full coal train.

This was the CSX line, for those unfamiliar with the area.

Times like those, I wish I had a scanner...though I'd NEVER get any sleep there if I did...
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