Derailed train blocks Broadway, Hackley

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Derailed train blocks Broadway, Hackley

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Derailed train blocks Broadway, Hackley


MUNCIE - A Triple Crown Services train heading from Fort Wayne to Cincinnati was stopped early Thursday afternoon when eight cars derailed on railroad tracks at Gavin Street.

Two of the derailed cars broke open, spilling out dryers and Armor All products. The derailment caused Broadway and Hackley Street to be closed. Highland Avenue was used as an alternate truck route.

Booms and dikes were put down to keep any Armor All products, including soap, from flowing into White River, said Bill Gosnell, director of Delaware County Emergency Management.

The cars derailed as the train went around a curve. It is the second train derailment this year at the same location. The railroad tracks are owned by Norfolk Southern.

"It's a real sharp curve, and it's just probably going to continue to have problems there just because of how sharp that curve is," Gosnell said.

Train cars don't derail often, said Rudy Husband, Norfolk Southern's public relation director. Husband wouldn't speculate on what caused the derailment.

"It's not something we can do with the curve itself," Husband said. "It's more how the train is being handled as it's operating through that curve." ... 9-002.html

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