Testing a new Video Camera

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Testing a new Video Camera

Unread postby Ypsi » Wed Feb 11, 2015 3:19 pm

Today I finally got a chance to test my new video camera. I've had a week with it but haven't been able to shoot a train with it yet. Today I shot a 350 with it using the zoom and trying it out. This is straight auto mode, Ill be trying the program mode next to see what works best on trains. Hopefully this weekend Ill get some sun to shoot a couple trains with. Out of the box I am decently impressed with the sound quality, and the zoom is an improvement for me, and the picture is what I would expect from a camera of this caliber. Next up is a fluid movement tripod.

New camera is a Canon HF R500 Camcorder. Not a top of the line camera, but its a decent one. Bought it new for $180 via eBay, retail is $299.99 on this camera. After working this summer I hope to get a more advanced version and use this as a second camera for videos. One personal goal I have is to improve my skills as a videographer this year, including using higher quality equipment and improving my zooming/ composition.
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