Ludington & Northern/Kendallville Terminal SW8 decals

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Ludington & Northern/Kendallville Terminal SW8 decals

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Nearly twenty years ago, I produced and sold a small run of HO scale decals to stripe and letter Ludington & Northern SW8 #16 in its original scheme, as well as its later variants. It covered its time on the Ann Arbor Railroad, the Michigan Southern (and its brief stint in Muskegon on the Michigan Shore), and its more recent time on the Kendallville Terminal. That set sold out in about a year, and I didn't re-run it.

I stopped selling decals as of May 30 of this year. Around that time, I was approached by Bill Mosteller of about his taking on some of my sets. In conversation with him, we agreed that he would take on the Ludington & Northern switcher set.

In the process of preparing the set to hand over, I updated the artwork to cover another variation of the lettering the switcher wore from about 2003 to at least late 2019. The set now covers five variations of the paint scheme that this single locomotive has worn.

Bill has had the set (#LUN-1) printed and added the set to the order form on his site, at .

I've had discussions to have another decal producer reintroduce my PM/M&NE/C&O switcher set. That has been held up for quite a while due to delays entirely on my end.
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Re: Ludington & Northern/Kendallville Terminal SW8 decals

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Awesome! I'll have to order a set of these. I'd love a new PM switcher set, too!
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