No comments on the Saline show, ?

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No comments on the Saline show, ?

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How times and we have changed,
What would rate a full day of comments now pass’s without a mention,
So sad
I was selling books at give away prices, and did,
But for the first time bought nothing. I am sorry to say that I have everything and to much

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Re: No comments on the Saline show, ?

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I was a public school bus driver. Beginning circa 2005 we started down the long road of having to give back on our contracted compensation to keep our jobs.
I lost 1/3 of my compensation. Something had to go and anything to do with model trains was on top of that list.
Maybe some day model railroading will regain a spot in my life.

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Re: No comments on the Saline show, ?

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I was surprised this year. I went in looking for exactly one thing (a Proto BL2 in Monon paint) and not really expecting to find it, but came away with a lot more. I'd figured that I'd catch up with the folks I usually talk to at the show, and that would be enough to make a good day of it.

While I didn't find the BL2 I wanted, I got a good deal on a Tenshodo 0-8-0, painted and nearly ready to decal, and a good price on a pair of Proto Wabash E8s to use for parts to maintain the Operations Road Show's E unit fleet, as well as a Stewart/Kato F3A for $30, which I will also reduce to parts.

The great find was a box with three sets of NKP Car Co. sides for the Pere Marquette streamliner: two coaches and a diner. With body kits and everything but decals and trucks. For under $30.

I came home with a lot more parts and miscellaneous vehicles, too.

It was clear that a number of tables were people's estates. I had several conversations about how long that will be sustainable, as more old stuff comes up for sale than there likely will be a market to absorb.

It was a far better show this year, for me, than I'd expected.
-Fritz Milhaupt

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