Any surviving local hobby shops, SW MI?

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Re: Any surviving local hobby shops, SW MI?

Unread postby NS3322 » Sat Oct 06, 2018 5:34 pm

Jochs wrote:Bob's is open in downtown Watervliet, under the name "B&E Racing." I stopped by there today. Not much model railroading stuff there. It was mostly RC cars and model airplanes. Everything is on sale. Bob was working there today. The only part of the store being used is the section on the north side of where the stairs go down, where the train display was. Not sure if he's retiring and trying to sell what he has or what. The section of the store that's open has visible signs of water damage and smells musty inside.

From the new website (

Bob's Hobby Shop wrote:I have one goal in life and that is to get out of Watervliet. I have looked at a building in Bangor, Michigan and one in Coloma, Michigan. Most of the customers know my problems and can't believe what is going on. I have customers in Japan, Australia, England and Canada. I haven't told any of them about this. I can't believe that this can happen in the United States. I thought the Thousand Year Reich ended in April 1945 but I guess I was wrong.
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