Plymouth train show?

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Plymouth train show?

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Ken Skopp's train show list from September 8th has a listing for a "Model Railroad Sale" in Plymouth at the C&O Freight House, 904 Starkweather. Listing says it is a 3 day show beginning Thursday the 24th (tomorrow). Anyone else hear anything about this or know anything about it?

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Re: Plymouth train show?

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Affirmative. There is a sign out front. Thursday-Saturday 10-5.

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Re: Plymouth train show?

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Is this the show sponsored by the model railroad group that Plymouth Station Guy and Train Watcher belong too?
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Re: Plymouth train show?

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Sponsored by a local group of layout owners, part of Div 6 NMRA, free admission, not a big show but a show, and next to CSX main line, saw 4 trains during the show,

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