Does Todd Feldpausch read this board?

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Does Todd Feldpausch read this board?

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I have been looking at the GLC Railfan Facebook page, and since I don't have FB, I can't post. But in case Todd doesn't read here, maybe someone can post this on the FB page (to answer some questions/speculation):

Amerhart is still open, though drastically slowed down (only due to the virus). Minimal staffing. Beacon is also still open. They both received cars last night.

I've also hear that there must be a spacer car between loads on the Manistee River bridge- but I'm calling that unfounded. A few weeks ago they brought up to lumber loads that were coupled together with an Beacon empty trailing, and when they left TC, they had to Beacon loads and a lumber empty (they didn't place the lumber empty between the loads or even between the engines and cars). I've also seen them last week with a string of cement loads all together.

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Re: Does Todd Feldpausch read this board?

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I'm friends with Todd on Facebook,I can let him know.

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