Locations of PRR Pedestal Signals

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Locations of PRR Pedestal Signals

Unread postby Toppysager » Tue Mar 26, 2019 12:30 am

Inspired by the demise of signaling's greatest generation, I have grown increasingly interested in shooting PRR's vast array of signal infrastructure. In particular, I was curious if anyone had any information on the locations of active PRR Pedestal signals (small PRR signals that act as regular PLs in low-clearance areas). I am aware of the Pedestal in Marion, IN (an a few left in commuter service on the LIRR), but besides that, it seems the signal anomaly is now an extinct breed, as the ones on the Buffalo Line were removed last year and the last known Pedestal East of Altoona removed with the cut-over of Lewistown in February. Does anyone know of any additional locations of Pedestal signals? I assume there has to be at least one that has escaped the focal point of mainstream railfans somewhere out there. If anyone can provide insight before the last ones fall, I would greatly appreciate it.
A photo (not my own) of a pedestal signal at the now-reworked control point at Claypool, IN
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