Canadian National’s Leasers

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Canadian National’s Leasers

Unread postby ThomasACu » Thu Dec 07, 2017 3:29 pm

The Canadian National is currently power short and is going to be leasing power to help out with the high traffic levels.

- CREX ES44ACs 1501-1525 (returned by CSX a couple of months ago)
- GECX Dash 8s in the 9100 Series
- PRLX SD75Ms in the 200 Series (201 and 204 are known to be on CN)

The total GECX and PRLX units are not yet confirmed. There are quite a bit of each coming.

Heritage of lease units:
- CREX units were delivered new in 2015.
- GECX units are reportedly all ex-CSX.
- PRLX units are ex-ATSF/BNSF.

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