CSX Locomotive Roster News, Updates & Information Thread

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Re: CSX Locomotive Roster News, Updates & Information Thread

Unread postby PereMarquette1223 » Sun Oct 15, 2017 1:14 pm

BL2-1843 wrote:
MQT1223 wrote:So much for the C&O Sticker Unit

We were waiting for you to say that. You didn't disappoint.

May I ask why?[/quote]

Only because when the C&O Sticker Unit was on the retirement list, we were betting you would be the first one to comment on it.[/quote]

Wow that was dumb. I was actually hoping for something that wasn't a waste of time on your part.
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Re: CSX Locomotive Roster News, Updates & Information Thread

Unread postby Saturnalia » Mon Nov 13, 2017 10:16 pm

CSX Locomotive Roster Update As of 01 Nov 2017

This month, we were not able to confirm any more retirements from the 7300 series, ex-CR C40-8Ws. We were however able to confirm that the 220, 399 and 7322 were retired. These were all wrecked in Florida in November of 2016, and have now been written off.

All Roster Changes since 01 August 2017
122 CW44AC YN2 Repaint
220 CW44AC Wreck Retired Nov2016 in FL
399 CW44AC Wreck Retired Nov2016 in FL
557 CW44AH YN3 Repaint
1206 MP15T YN3 Repaint
2218 RDSLUG YN3 Repaint
6469 GP40-2 YN3 Repaint
6943 GP40-2 YN3 Repaint
7322 C40-8W Wreck Retired Nov2016 in FL
8461 SD40-2 YN2 Repaint
8588 SD50-2 YN3 Repaint

Rebuild Detail:

Retirement Detail:
- 220, CW44AC. Wreck Retirement (FL Nov2016)
- 399, CW44AC. Wreck Retirement (FL Nov2016)
- 7322, C40-8W. Wreck Retirement (FL Nov2016)
Now 462 CW44AC, 356 C40-8W

New Current Paint totals (pct), change:
YN3B: 1455 (33.73%), +8
YN3: 2200 (51.12%), -7
YN2: 659 (15.36%), -4

Built for totals, change:
CSX Transportation: 2922 (-2)
Seaboard System: 506
Conrail: 443 (-1)
Chessie System: 408
Other [not from CSX tree]: 31
Misc Predecessors: 5

Builder totals, change:
General Electric: 2198 (-3)
Electro-Motive: 1488
CSX in-house: 235
Other: 393

Average Fleet Build Date*: 1996.17
Total Units on Roster: 4314 (-3)
Total Available Horsepower: 14,846,100 (-12,800)

*Build dates use whole years on the roster. Margin of error +/- 0.25 years
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