Couple General Locomotive Questions

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Couple General Locomotive Questions

Unread postby smokemyshorts » Thu Jan 26, 2017 8:32 pm

I have a couple questions I am hoping some of you can provide information on.

1) This question is directed to anyone who actually drives trains. I am curious what the difference is, from the driver's seat, between a DC locomotive and an AC locomotive. I read about how AC traction motors are much better from an overall cost and maintenance standpoint, and greater tractive effort. What difference does it make when you're actually driving? Do you prefer driving AC vs DC traction machines, and why or why not?

2) Regarding foreign power. Do railroads know where their power is at all times? Does one RR notify another or get permission when they are using that roads power? For example, does UP notify CSX when they are taking a CSX locomotive on a UP train? I believe someone is keeping track of hours they are being used, so I know someone is keeping track. I'm just curious about the admin side of this. A locomotive is a big investment (by the way, how much does an ES44AC cost?) so I figure a RR keeps pretty close tabs on their power.

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Re: Couple General Locomotive Questions

Unread postby A No.1 » Wed Oct 11, 2017 11:36 pm

AC motors are super grabbby and jumpy at slow speeds or transition between Throttle and dynamic. That said man do they pull. Climbing hills they slow to a certain speed then just seem to dig in.

Over all i like them but DC motors are a much smother ride. I think im just not a fan of GE. I like the ACe's much better. We only have 4 on CN. Wish they would not have got the GE AC motors.

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