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@ ~Z~ « Fri 1:14:00 pm »
Thanks guys. Guessing I was doing 12-13mph most of the ride, but did lay the hammer down a bit more with jetlink as we had some nice smooth trail and motivation at cedar springs(taco bell) to consume :) Route I took: https://railroadfan.com/images/Belding- ... 092123.jpg
@ Jetlink « Fri 8:13:55 am »
Z is very tough. He had been riding all day with gear. He look hot and tired. But he jumped on his bike and started riding at a fast pace. I looked at my phone and we were doing 17 mph.
@ AARR « Fri 6:44:40 am »
Congrats Jet and ~Z~. Those are nice accomplishments.
@ AARR « Fri 6:40:42 am »
@ Talk « Fri 12:59:05 am »
@ Jeff L « Fri 12:00:01 am »
@ Jetlink « Thu 10:39:11 pm »
2 years ago this team from Owosso beat them on a snowy november day. It was the only game they have lost in the last couple of years. So they were super happy with today’s game.
@ Jetlink « Thu 10:37:48 pm »
Ruby’s 16u soccer team bested Owosso 4-1 in today’s contest. Lots of Driving last couple of days. Live from home now.
@ Jetlink « Thu 10:36:18 pm »
Live from home....
@ Jetlink « Thu 10:36:10 pm »
Could do north of big rapids.
@ ~Z~ « Thu 10:14:04 pm »
Trail is still closed at the moment between Big Rapids and Howard City, but supposed to be getting done soon.
@ bkoole98 « Thu 9:11:04 pm »
has started a new topic: Chebanse, IL
@ David Collins « Thu 8:05:51 pm »
Would anyone be interested in doing a group ride to Big Rapids or somewhere close to it at some point? Now that I’m settled in I’d really like to do it lol
@ GRHC « Thu 7:42:25 pm »
The Blackhawk helicopter that I was tracking landed and then took off again.
@ GRHC « Thu 6:29:17 pm »
My turn for A Blackhawk helicopter https://www.flightradar24.com/G20027/3220b114
@ ~Z~ « Thu 6:07:29 pm »
good you and wifey were able to continue along AARR. Bikey is indeed complete, first hundred miler - 103 miles today, complete with 20 lbs of camping equipment. Thanks for riding with Jetlink, helped keep my mind off my legs. After you left, they hurt more lolz
@ AARR « Thu 5:02:15 pm »
DaveO, do you have two extra rooms? One for me and one for my model railroad layout.
@ AARR « Thu 4:59:36 pm »
🙂. ]
DaveO wrote: AARR haven’t you wondered why she’s been watching those lawyer commercials on TV recently ❓
@ Jetlink « Thu 3:12:12 pm »
No intercept collision to report
@ Jetlink « Thu 3:10:56 pm »
He should be home in an hour or so.
@ Jetlink « Thu 3:10:15 pm »
I turned Z loose south of rockford
@ DaveO « Thu 2:59:01 pm »
AARR haven’t you wondered why she’s been watching those lawyer commercials on TV recently ❓
@ AARR « Thu 12:25:01 pm »
Mrs AARR and I crashed while biking last week. It was my fault 🤦‍♂️. I swerved into her while looking the other way. We both went down hard and were bruised but we got up and kept biking. Were both tough (but I’m not always smart 😞 ).
@ DaveO « Thu 12:16:43 pm »
pictures 2 bicyclists crashing into each other
@ Jetlink « Thu 11:49:59 am »
Jetlink northbound on the white pine north of pierson. On an intercept for the admin.
@ GP30M4216 « Thu 10:42:05 am »
NS OCS inbound to the yard by the Elkhart depot cam 10:25
@ Jetlink « Thu 9:05:57 am »
@ Chip « Thu 9:05:15 am »
crappy situation
@ GRHC « Thu 8:30:49 am »
The plot thickens more circumstantial evidence but still no smoking gun. viewtopic.php?t=39419
@ AARR « Thu 6:55:38 am »
@ Jetlink « Thu 3:58:03 am »
Still planning on finding Z somewhere tomorrow after ingrab some shut eye.
@ Jetlink « Thu 3:57:04 am »
Live from home. Long delay. T storms in Orlando tonight.
@ Trainman2223 « Thu 3:40:54 am »
The drinkin’ bone’s connected to the party bone The party bone’s connected to the staying out all night long And she won’t think it’s funny and I’ll wind up all alone And the lonely bone’s connected to the drinkin’ bone
@ Trainman2223 « Thu 3:40:19 am »
#3 III C-3PO
@ Talk « Thu 2:02:00 am »
@ Jeff L « Thu 12:00:14 am »
@ ~Z~ « Wed 8:52:23 pm »
In a tent near Belding, tony Robbins sleep,long day biking tomorrow.
@ ~Z~ « Wed 6:25:31 pm »
Live from the forested hills east of Ada. Consuming a deluxe pizza sub. These hills are no joke.
@ Jetlink « Wed 2:19:56 pm »
walky complete. 7.91 miles along the conneticut river trail of some sort. Saw three more choos!
@ Jetlink « Wed 2:15:39 pm »
I laughed when I read it.
@ AARR « Wed 1:10:07 pm »
After I told Mrs AARR about it she said people don’t understand my humor. 🙂
@ AARR « Wed 1:08:31 pm »
Several years ago while I was biking on the MOT there were some HS’s making a rap video at one of wood bridges. They stopped me and asked if I could do any tricks? I said I can ride my bike without falling which at my age is sorta a tricky. They didn’t laugh and passed on my offer. I missed out on my chance for fame.
@ DaveO « Wed 12:49:50 pm »
Apparently someone is using the airbnb house across the street to make a music video. While not hollywood, they are using some special equipment. I have no idea who they are.
@ Jetlink « Wed 10:50:13 am »
Wow this hotel is a great railfanning spot.
@ Jetlink « Wed 10:49:57 am »
Ct rail heading back south
@ Jetlink « Wed 10:40:17 am »
Few box cars and one empty bulkhead flat
@ Jetlink « Wed 10:39:19 am »
Empty center beams. Lots of open big gons full of trash
@ Jetlink « Wed 10:38:52 am »
Has about 35 cars in tow
@ Jetlink « Wed 10:37:56 am »
Going north along river. 3 units. One of them has a high short hood
@ Jetlink « Wed 10:37:36 am »
Now watching a c&s choo.
@ Jetlink « Wed 10:16:40 am »
Saw ct rail passenger choo earlier
@ Jetlink « Wed 10:16:00 am »
Watching a csx manifest choo cross the Connecticut river. Lots of box cars and intermodal.
@ Jetlink « Wed 10:15:30 am »
@ Chip « Wed 8:48:50 am »
David not a fan of satire I see
@ ~Z~ « Wed 7:02:24 am »
ah, I’m putting 2 and 2 together now :) when I rode up to Sand Lake last year, i continued just a little bit further north, and the path was in really rough shape in late august. I thought they were clearing some trees from each side, and the main path was pretty torn up, but I still rode it for about a mile or two north. They were probably prepping to repave :)
@ AARR « Wed 6:35:15 am »
@ Jetlink « Wed 2:12:01 am »
~Z~ wrote: Jetlink - confirming, the trail is closed on the north side of Howard City, correct? I’ll be coming in from the Edmore direction, just hoping the trail isn’t closed at all between Howard City and Sand Lake.
Trail was open Howard City to Sand Lake. Reallly nice new pavement. There was a very small closed section for a culvert repair and another closed section for a road repaving. We got through all those closures no problems or major detours. I imagine both of those projects are wrapped up now anyway.
@ Jetlink « Wed 2:11:30 am »
So much confusion.
@ Jetlink « Wed 2:11:15 am »
It is marketed as Hartford, Conneticut.

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