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@ ~Z~ « Fri 9:15:29 am »
so some guy shot up Fedex in Indianapolis overnight... 20+ shot, 8 deaths so far. On that picture, 2 warehouses that I support are right next door. One is where the letter "A" is in Facility, our Pepsi overflow site, and the other is about an inch southwest on the picture, a Pepsi facility.
@ ~Z~ « Fri 9:12:25 am »
@ SD80MAC « Fri 8:36:27 am »
Get my second shot on Monday
@ LansingRailFan « Fri 8:34:04 am »
Meanwhile, y’all west siders see the QAnon rally at the Hudsonville School Board meeting? Lol
@ ~Z~ « Fri 7:53:43 am »
i’m appreciative that the local meijer 4 miles down the road had availability and didn’t have to drive too far away. got some grocery shopping in too so that’s a plus.
@ DaveO « Fri 7:27:09 am »
I was lucky to get an appointment at CVS right when they opened widespread locations. Second shot next week. Just checked CVS, no appointments available in Michigan. No real surprise that the population getting hit hard now are the non-believers or haven’t been vaccinated because they can’t find one.
@ AARR « Fri 7:03:33 am »
Sorry about your associate ~Z~
@ AARR « Fri 6:58:16 am »
#4 D IV D&M
@ ~Z~ « Fri 5:31:19 am »
ended up in the hospital for 3 weeks, and just got out. said he likely has a long time to recover. while he was in hospital, his brother died of covid in another state and hadn’t been in direct contact with him. feel for the guy.
@ ~Z~ « Fri 5:30:00 am »
have a co-worker in my nearby office that’s in his 40’s. got covid a little over a month ago. got the symptoms 2 days after getting first round of vaccinations, so obviously was infected before that.
@ ~Z~ « Fri 5:26:15 am »
wakey wakey
@ Trainman2223 « Fri 3:48:44 am »
Treading the boards, screaming out Macbeth Just to see how much bad luck you really get Jump in the ring with your hidden cape The bull can’t decide what it is that he really hates
@ Trainman2223 « Fri 3:48:03 am »
Tin can man, dragging from a car Just to see how alive you really are Marrying words, falling in your wake Just to tell what you can’t eliminate
@ Trainman2223 « Fri 3:44:27 am »
#3 III C-3PO
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@ Saturnalia « Fri 12:27:56 am »
People really need to get their stabs. About 30% of the population is fully vaccinated but 99.9% of cases are in the unvaccinated, and 99.9% of the deaths are in the unvaccinated too
@ Saturnalia « Fri 12:26:23 am »
That’s about 108% of the case peak in November. So far the surge in deaths is only at 41% of the December peak and not rising as fast as cases were 2-3 weeks ago, which is the expected lag
@ Saturnalia « Fri 12:25:33 am »
That’s up less than 10% week-on-week versus the 30-50% increases of late
@ Saturnalia « Fri 12:25:18 am »
Looks like Michigan cases are trying to peak. Maximum 7-day average was 7119 on Tuesday, down into the 6900s as of today
@ Jeff L « Fri 12:00:39 am »
#1 Alpha Male
@ Jetlink « Thu 9:48:06 pm »
Had enchiladas, beans, rice, guacamole, chips, salsa selection, and a lime flavored drinky with salt on the rim.
@ Jetlink « Thu 9:47:17 pm »
Any way supper complete and 4.97 mile post supper walky complete as well.
@ Jetlink « Thu 9:46:20 pm »
If in Miami restaurant would be open no capacity restrictions.
@ Jetlink « Thu 9:45:58 pm »
If I
@ Jetlink « Thu 9:45:52 pm »
In Chicago. Eating in restaurant because me want drinky drinky in a real glsss at a real table.
@ ~Z~ « Thu 8:54:56 pm »
@ ~Z~ « Thu 8:07:10 pm »
y u no eat takeout?
@ ~Z~ « Thu 8:06:46 pm »
eating in a restaurant in miami? no thx.
@ Dan Cluley « Thu 7:39:56 pm »
has started a new topic: Grand Ledge passenger station
@ Jetlink « Thu 7:21:00 pm »
30 minutes.
@ Jetlink « Thu 7:20:53 pm »
Im the 11th person. Restaurant covid capacity is 10. Lol. Been waiting #11 for aLmost
@ Jetlink « Thu 7:20:02 pm »
Live from my favorite mexican dive on 63rd st
@ DaveO « Thu 6:11:07 pm »
Another pair of Mallards showed up the other day. They never have kids. Somebodies cute outdoor pet cat does a good job of killing small wildlife around here.
@ DaveO « Thu 6:08:59 pm »
DickPearce contact the American Association of Railroads and see if they made a 1993 Automotive Facility Guide. The current versions list the facilities and what customers use them for inbound and/or outbound vehicles. But that won’t give you a definitive answer, only a place to start.
@ J T « Thu 5:46:44 pm »
~Z~ wrote: we have ducks in our backyard pretty often too
There is a duck "couple" that visits our yard every year. They just arrived the other day and it’s the same couple that has been visiting for the past four years. The male has a band on his left leg.
@ 9xs « Thu 5:33:37 pm »
Then it should end with a series of letters and numbers, the letter after the P in 10th is the one we need, that is where the vehicle was manufactured
@ 9xs « Thu 5:30:34 pm »
If not look at the VIN it should start with 2F
@ 9xs « Thu 5:30:04 pm »
Can you open the inside of the car door and get the information?
@ DickPearce « Thu 3:50:01 pm »
I am working on a claim in which I am trying to determine where Ford F Series PU trucks assembled in the Oakville, Ontario plant would have crossed the US Canadian Border, i.e., I need to know into which state the vehicle on the rail car first “touched” US soil. The complicating factor is the truck was assembled October 22, 1993. I was originally told by a long time Ford dealer in Portland, Oregon the vehicles arrived by rail and were mixed for delivery in a rail yard in Wisconsin. Through contact with Canadian Pacific Railway and Canadian National it appears the Oakville area is CN territory and I have found a YouTube video showing a train with car carrier cars only that were headed to Windsor. Windsor County Township is south of Lansing and I have found the CN Cory Rail Yard on the map there. My guess is currently Ford vehicles arrive by rail from Oakville into this yard. I saw your website and thought you might have a “fan” that might know what was going on in October of 1993. I have asked this information from Ford’s attorneys and they are playing heads in the sand with me so far so I am trying to find out so I can ask them to confirm what I have found out. I thought I would enter your group and post the above question and am stuck on the csx question. If you can help get registered or if you have any suggestion on how I might find the answers to my questions, please let me know. Thank you.
@ ~Z~ « Thu 3:15:28 pm »
Disturbed The Sound of Silence: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bk7RVw3I8eg
@ Garry K « Thu 1:43:18 pm »
@ Talk « Thu 1:06:05 pm »
#3 Never too late
@ ~Z~ « Thu 9:53:19 am »
we have ducks in our backyard pretty often too
@ ~Z~ « Thu 9:52:41 am »
awake with thee
@ AARR « Thu 7:02:49 am »
There are several wild ducks that come to my bird feeders. If there’s nothing on the ground they’ll stand in front of my kitchen window and quack at me until I come out and throw some corn/seed for them. They have me trained :)
@ AARR « Thu 6:57:42 am »
@ Jeff L « Thu 12:27:54 am »
(sigh) no 768 946 or 658
@ Jetlink « Thu 12:12:50 am »
and 1315 for the return
@ Jeff L « Thu 12:05:58 am »
would that be SW1314
@ Jetlink « Thu 12:04:16 am »
Miami turn tomorrow. Back here tomorrow night.
@ Jetlink « Thu 12:03:57 am »
Live from the midway hotel center.....
@ Jeff L « Thu 12:00:01 am »
#1 Alpha Male
@ Rick A « Wed 5:00:58 pm »
has started a new topic: Car builders' dictionary 1913
@ SD80MAC « Wed 11:35:26 am »
Very true
@ ~Z~ « Wed 11:25:08 am »
shooting into the sun, looking good. especially helps with modern software to be able to remove all shadows on the front of the loco.
@ ~Z~ « Wed 11:24:32 am »
same here, said i needed to log into vaguebook to see it.
@ AARR « Wed 10:20:02 am »
It said I needed to Log In to watch it on FB ???
@ SD80MAC « Wed 10:06:24 am »
I linked the video for you to watch the other day, you don’t have to be on FB to watch it
@ SD80MAC « Wed 10:06:01 am »
I don’t have any pictures of it
@ AARR « Wed 9:41:59 am »
SD80, please post the picture of your G-Scale GP9 for those of us who aren’t on FB

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