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Iron TriangleAn eastbound NS move slowly procedes across the diamond, after having to wait for a couple CSX's first. With the NS/B&O, NS/C&O, and B&O/C&O diamond located here, this must be the iron triangle of Fostoria OH. 10/02/04 ~Z~55555
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LSRC 1280 pulls off of Street Runnning.C425M-ac 1280 in charge of train 327a pulls off of the 10th Ave. "cheater's" street running and onto the approach to the Thunder Bay River Bridge. The crew has about 5 minutes left until they are replaced by a yard crew at the crew change point at Long Lake Ave. My Railfan van can be seen to the left of the train. Alpena, MI. 6/7/08 Canon Powershot S2ISLSRC44444
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GLC 4-22-08392-393 passing Ann Arbor ferry sign west of Clare MI.44444
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J021 in Wellsboro on 4/26/2008J021 ties up the diamonds for about 15 minutes as CN251 Waits impatiently.rsinoms44444
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NS 5348 snow-bridgeNS 5348 cuts through new snow across the News spur at W. Grand Blvd near the Ambassador Bridge. 3/4/08trainjunkie4744444
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K388 - 10 WE 5391 2679 Southbound on the Main through Plymouth 06-10-2008Stitch44444
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GLC390-385 with windmill train at Cadillac.
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Z127 with the Z144 PowerI was called for the Z127, to return the pwer to Flint. I took this shot while waiting at Cumberland Yard, N. Hoyt, for my conductor to return to the head end.gtw581244444
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MMRR 24 & King24 pulls two hoppers off the Michigan Wire spur in Lowell.SD80MAC44444
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Old and NewMilwaukee Junction in Detroit, 1962Beal9944444
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GTW 4914 4915 Departing NS Melvindale Yard 04-08-2008Stitch44444
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CP SD40-2 No. 6068 leads train X500 out of Grand Rapids July 26, 2008.44444
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Coming and Going..On the Fuel Pad, the LSRC 2003, 1177 sit side by side.gtw581244444
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AA 7791 crewThe crew of Ann Arbor 7791 talk to the CSX tower guy about movements for both Ann Arbor and CSX in the area. Soon thereafter, both roads backed cuts of auto racks into Ottawa Yard.trainjunkie4744444
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CORP 4000, 4001 with 2 slugsin transit at Elkhartesprrfan44444
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