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Tropicana Juice Train.jpg
TROPICANA JUICE TRAIN!498 viewsI found this on the side of my orange juice container. Kind of cool that thousands of people now know a little something about the juice train. That's a funny looking GE on the front of that train though... and hey! Why does that reefer need 3-axle trucks and aircompressors next to its fuel tank? Wait... fuel tank? hahaha. December 2006.GP30M4216
GTW GP38-2s #4926 and #5856497 viewsGrand Trunk painted locomotives are slowly being repainted into the black and red Canadian "noodle" painted scheme from parent CN. Here, a pair of the old bluebird painted GP38-2s catch the sunlight while they pass at Schaefer Junction in Dearborn. No. 5856 is actually the only remaining GTW locomotive painted in the blue Operation Lifesaver paint scheme. No. 4926 is bringing a cut of loaded autoracks from the Ford Dearborn Trunk plant down toward Flat Rock Yard on the old DT&I. May 7, 2011.GP30M4216
CSXT 5102 and CEFX 3150495 viewsIf you think this is Q335, you're sorta wrong...right now, it's actually Y221-31 that started out on the east side of GR to pick up this dead Q335. Sorry about the tilt, was trying something new of photos and videos. Taken at Oakland Ave, 05/31/06~Z~
Wilson Searchlight494 viewsThe Wilson Searchlight shows High Green for the upcoming N956-03 on 9-4-11Saturnalia
AMTRAK 350493 viewsAGUSTA MIA No.1
491 viewsNYC coal train wreck at Yates, between Utica and Rochester, Michigan - either late 1960's or early 1970's.Robert Bellairs
Workhorse490 viewsOn the Indiana & Ohio at Urbana, Ohio CEFX lessor 3092 pulls out of
a runaround track after letting its' train roll down the connector past
it to get on the other end.

November 9, 2008
Trains 128.jpg
Monroe, MI489 viewsbondo27
L502489 viewsCanadian National Train L502 Sits dead on the Port Huron Wye. Durand, MIbnfan
Marquette Rail485 viewsHeading back from playing disc golf with my brother and fiance, I'm turning onto 4 Mile, and the gates go down. Quickly pull into a drive and grab this video of the 3 engines heading lite southbound. 7:05pm 04/29/06. They would later head north through town at 9:05pm with the lime cars from K905.~Z~
Gregg tryin to fly484 viewsAh, stay away from my lens! j/k, dunno what Gregg was really doing here, except running away from the train that ended up turning up the B&O. 09/30/06~Z~
483 views~Z~
Detroit & Mackinac D&M DM483 viewsrustbeltrailroad
Early Amtrak Chalotte, MI482 viewsShots from 2-28-76 of Amtrak at the curve MP 202 Charlotte WB. Even caught a 1972 Oldsmobile Omega in the lower shot.
Caught the SP 4449 Daylight last week at same location, now single track and no spur as seen beside the Oldsmobile.
Larry G
CPOX 820481 viewsBNSF 9537 and BNSF 8848, running as W985, pull CPOX 820 with a load from West Olive. Seen here at 76th St near Zeeland MI. 09/20/06~Z~
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