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CSX Q326602 viewsCSX Q326 heading east through Hudsonville. Taken while going to work in a nice rainstorm...next time I'll take down the airfreshener :) And for Don Simon, I got the video of the whole train! Counted 25 cars....04/03/06~Z~
CP Exec 03 Killarney.jpg
Royal Canadian Pacific "Killarney"602 viewsHeavyweight Observation car "Killarney" is one of six heavyweight observations of nine passenger cars total (plus a generator car) in this consist of the CPR Executive Special. Comprised of cars from their Royal Canadian Pacific luxary train, this solid heavyweight train is rolling at track speed along the former NYC Water Level Route at Dunlap, Indiana, near Elkhart. Novebmer 22nd, 2006.GP30M4216
8-20-13 Old Town Lansing597 viewsLarry G
Amtrak 128 BO.JPG
Amtrak P42DC #128591 viewsGenesis #128 leads Amtrak train 353, the Lake Cities, across the former LS&MS diamond next to BO Tower. BO Tower is one of the last operating towers in Michigan, and the last on the west side of the state. The interlocking sees about 20 moves a day. September 2, 2005GP30M4216
8888 Q389 8:00 3/15/08590 viewsQ389 at East FostoriaScooterb
MQT 3001590 viewsHostler was moving this and GLCX 3001 the diesel house on Nov 1, 2008. Both united had been FRA'd for something and where not able to return north on that Friday night.trnwatcher
KR and  Santa.JPG
MQT Santa Train 12-16-06587 views
Diner 8551 49.jpg
587 viewsGP30M4216
580 viewsNYC coal train wreck at Yates, between Utica and Rochester, Michigan - either late 1960's or early 1970's.Robert Bellairs
6/20/09580 viewsMick
CSXT 2669577 viewsCSXT 2669 leads Y221 near Seward Ave on the north side of GR. They are about to head under I-196. 06/11/06
576 viewsGTW Fs scanned from original 35MM Slide from 1966 era. Lead unit is 9014flafiretwo
Rio Grande Bridge575 viewsAn old DRGW bridge on the Joint Line -- Mounument, CO.Railzfan
MMRR in Grand Haven575 viewsPhoto sent over by Mr. Tops from John & Marcy Rogers. This is MMRR going by the football game in Grand Haven. 10/2006~Z~
Michigan Shoreline Railroad Locomotive572 viewsShot this photo on Monday afternoon in North Muskegon Yards.GTMark
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