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BNSF 5787585 viewsWhile picking up my Taco Bell, heard that D80112 was heading south, entering the Roost Block. Taco Bell was quick with their service, and I headed towards Wesco on Lakewood Blvd for a shot, as I wasn't sure if this was an eastern or a western coal empty. As I got near Wesco, gates went down, so I turned around and went down Roost Ave. Should have looked at the switch, but after I saw the train start for the westbound track, switched lenses, and I literally ran.. went through some local businesses and found a spot with some sunlight on this curve. 11/12/07~Z~
581 viewsWhat remains of the bridge northwest of Mesick, MichiganMIGN-Todd
Poss railroad crossing580 viewsPhoto of railroad crossing believed to have been taken between 1885 and 1895. This photo was found in a box of pictures in posscession of my uncle after his death. I think that of the men is Robbert McClellan Young who son Isaac married my grandmother after the death of her husband. Robert lived in Olive township, Ottawa Co, MichiganSteve Burgess
CSX Q326579 viewsCSX Q326 heading east through Hudsonville. Taken while going to work in a nice rainstorm...next time I'll take down the airfreshener :) And for Don Simon, I got the video of the whole train! Counted 25 cars....04/03/06~Z~
577 viewsNYC coal train wreck at Yates, between Utica and Rochester, Michigan - either late 1960's or early 1970's.Robert Bellairs
8-20-13 Old Town Lansing574 viewsLarry G
MMRR 2019572 viewsAt the B&P shops after being paint. Not my photo.SD80MAC
570 viewsNYC coal train wreck at Yates, between Utica and Rochester, Michigan - either late 1960's or early 1970's.Robert Bellairs
Diner 8551 49.jpg
567 viewsGP30M4216
563 viewsLooks Good.BB
Rio Grande Bridge563 viewsAn old DRGW bridge on the Joint Line -- Mounument, CO.Railzfan
6/20/09563 viewsMick
KR and  Santa.JPG
MQT Santa Train 12-16-06561 views
CSXT 2669559 viewsCSXT 2669 leads Y221 near Seward Ave on the north side of GR. They are about to head under I-196. 06/11/06
Nicholson Terminal & Dock SW1557 viewsNicholson Terminal & Dock, in Ecorse, MI, is a sadly a mere shadow of its former self. At one time a dock and transfer terminal busy 24/7, today the pace is much slower and many of the buildings have been abandoned. Still, several freighters a week dock here, many of them international, unloading cargos for the greater Detroit area. The rails along the dock are used on the rare occasion when materials are brought in by boat that need to go out by train. Here, Nick's SW1 switcher - with no road number - prepared to take a cut of gondolas loaded with steel coils from the dock face out onto the Marsh Track. September 20, 2008.GP30M4216
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