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NS 7026743 viewsHeaded south from Kzoo for my first trip over to South Bend. Stopped in Elkhart to see this transfer job of NS dropping off and picking up cars from the Elkhart and Western. 10/17/03~Z~
Amtrak 508736 viewsGot an early start out of Muskegon, snowing most of the way to Holland, then a break in the clouds. Heard this might be leading, and sure enough, lucked out with strong sunlight and the dark snowstorm behind. 11/23/08~Z~
Ionia MI724 viewsIonia MI 6/3/09Mark F
BAGHDAD724 viewsSo far this is the only picture that I've been able to get of anything Railroad related down here in Iraq. It's in the outskirts of Baghdad and it was taken from the gunners turret on one of our armored vehicles. Seems like they need some defoliant!MIGN-Todd
NS 2662714 viewsNS 2662 heads across CR-65 in Butler right around sundown... clouds hid the sun by this point though. Good chasin in the green truck, thanks again! 02/26/06~Z~
LS&I E8707 viewsYpsi
Wig-Wag703 viewsVideo of TSBY pulling an excusion train north towards Owosso.~Z~
Ohio River Rush700 viewsN&W Y6b 2110 moves hoppers at Ironton, Ohio.
Photo by Walter Wilk from a private collection.

Date, Unknown
Amtrak P371685 viewsHere's P371 (Amtrak) sitting at the west end of Hudsonville. They were talking with a foreman ahead, waiting to get permission through..they were almost an hour behind schedule at this point. 06/12/06~Z~
CN 2681681 viewsRight after JT, Jon, and Jon left, we see CN 2681 heading east away from the sun, kickin up some exhaust about to go under Aurelius Rd. 04/21/07~Z~
Delray Diamonds.665 viewsHow often do you get to see this ? A major rail line taken out of service to replace the diamonds . Looking west towards "Delray" tower. Taken from the I-75 freeway.M.D.Bentley
Crooked Lake Express Oden(?) MI 07-25-2007661 viewsStitch
CSXT 1170 and CSXT 9249654 viewsWas watchin the Doktor switch on the west end, when I heard the horn from Y290 in the distance, signaling that they were coming back from Victor Barnes. Headed down Chicago Dr to catch them about to come across. CSXT 1170 and CSXT 9249 with Chessie caboose 904151. 08/16/06~Z~
Doktor651 viewsWest side Wyoming Yard job, kickin the cars. 08/16/06~Z~
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